Wizards of Waverly Place: Spellbound is a video game published by Disney Interactive Studios for the Nintendo DS, and released on November 16, 2010. The game is based on the popular Disney Channel show, Wizards of Waverly Place. There is another video game based on the show named: Wizards of Waverly Place, which was released on August 25, 2010 in America and on August 28, 2010 in Europe and Australia.


Like in the show, the game focuses on the adventures of Alex, Justin, and Max Russo, teenage siblings who happen to be wizards. The game is split into several smaller episodes that end up tying into a larger plot involving a magical dress that Alex is making for a wizardry fashion show. A new blonde-haired wizard girl named Amy is trying her best to make sure that Alex doesn't finish it in time.

Gameplay is a mix of point-and-click adventure game and action, with a heavier emphasis on the adventure aspects. In each episode, the kids learn a new spell, which is then used to solve a series of area-based puzzles. For example, early in the game, Alex needs to break out of class in order to get a look at an off-limits globe showing her dress's location. To do so, she must use a "Move" spell to move bookshelves in order to find a mouse hole that she can use to escape by shape-shifting into a hamster. As new spells are unlocked, the kids gain new ways to solve the puzzles that become more complicated as the game progresses. Between puzzle-based areas, the kids need to complete action-based areas, which are short mini games. In one of the mini games, Alex and Justin need to navigate a hedge maze while in another, Alex needs to serve subs and collect tabs at the family's sub shop before Harper, Alex's mortal best friend, and her mysterious boyfriend leave. Both styles of play merge in a series of challenging games unlocked by completing levels. Each builds on some action element introduced in the level (such as the hedge maze) but adds further complication by requiring the use of spell(s). Completing challenges, as well as accomplishing most in-game tasks, unlocks new D-Gamer outfits and swag for you D-Gamer character.


In general, adventure segments are easy to figure out, though this is in spite of the game's mechanics doing its very best to ensure failure.

The main "life" mechanic is an observation meter. As per underage wizard rules, the Russo kids are not allowed to use magic while unsupervised. Of course, they do, which is why they're constantly in trouble. In the game, this is represented as a meter with an attached eye icon. When open, someone can see one of the kids or an object they're trying to enchant, filling up the meter. Once the meter fills, the kids are busted and must replay the sequence from the beginning. Observers are usually placed right next to your goal. Although they turn their heads and look away, the turn is so far, it is next to impossible to select and cast the spell without getting caught. Patrolling enemies are even worse. If a kid gets anywhere near the observer's patrol area (which is always near the puzzle spot), they'll stop and stare at the kid. It is an added frustration that can, and does, force failure on players.

Graphics and Sound

Wizards of Waverly Place: Spellbound adopts a scaled-down, almost "Chibi" look for its characters, but still manages to retain the show's bright look. Even in scaled-down form, characters are easily recognizable, as are many of the show's locations such as the Loft and the sub shop. Sections of the game are shown with the same "dancing" transitions as in the show. They are repetitive but help make the game stand out among other games. Even the music carries the same silly tunes from the show, albeit in downgraded synthesized versions.


  • Alex Russo - Older sister to Max and younger sister to Justin, she sometimes gets herself in to trouble and others have to help her out.
  • Justin Russo - Oldest child in the Russo family, he is very responsible, hardworking and is usually the one to help Alex when she is in some kind of trouble.
  • Max Russo - Youngest child in the Russo family, he is a very goofy and funny teen he is supposed to be the least smartest one of the Russo kids.
  • Amy - A new wizard who Justin Russo had a crush on. She is the main villain of the video game. Jealous of Alex's beautiful dress, she tries to dispose of it, but fails because Alex was able to capture it. In the end of the game she and Alex duel, resulting in Alex's victory, and the security guards being transformed into hamsters unintentionally as a result. She and Alex work together and become friends. Later on she starts dating Justin, but they broke up due to Justin dating Juliet Van Heusen. Amy has not been seen in any of the Wizards of Waverly Place franchise after she was in this video game making this her first and final appearance in the Wizards of Waverly Place franchise. Amy has blonde short hair and blue eyes. Her wand is similar to Justin's, except that it is black. She is the first female teenage wizard villain in the series, the second being Stevie Nichols, the reason for this is because Justin dated Juliet during season 2 so Amy would of had to appeared before the middle of season 2 when Juliet first arrived she would have appeared before season 3 when Stevie arrives. It is unknown if she has any siblings to compete with for the wizard competition. She learned some spells from Justin and she is talented and persistent, as shown when she tried to sabotage Alex's dress, she had motivation and she almost never gave up. Her story line and fate was walking out of the fashion show with Justin as a couple but they broke up since Justin and Juliet were together. Amy and Gigi are both main villains of a Wizards of Waverly Place DS game.
  • Vlad - A vampire who dated Harper only for her blood but Alex finds out that he was a vampire all along and discovers his plan. Alex then turned herself into a hamster to spy on them but Vlad notices the hamster and chases her. Alex was able to turn back to normal and she defeats him with magic. At the end of the game, he dates Harper for sincere reasons, but they break up when Harper decides to date Zeke. This was Vlad's first and final appearance in the Wizards of Waverly Place franchise.
  • Harper Finkle - Best friend of Alex, her fashion sense usually involves creating something unique to wear. In the game, as in the show, Harper's outfits are made of different items (Markers, Clips, Food, etc.).
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