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Wolf is a major villain and a descendant of Hakon in the Disney animated series, Gargoyles.


Prior to pre-upgrade events, Wolf eventually becomes popularized by many fans of the Pack. However, one of his most notorious deeds is working for Xanatos to stop the Manhattan Clan from completing their mission.

Prior to the episode "Upgrade", Wolf eventually became mutated by Dr. Servarius in order to become more powerful toward defeating the Manhattan Clan, which is the most despicable combat toward gargoyles.

Physical appearance

Wolf in pre-upgrade is wearing a Yellow coyote armor, wolf-like fur, red belt, red gauntlets, gray beard and ponytailed hair

In his mutation form, he got Lycanthrope-like mutant, Yellow coyote armor, yellow belt, yellow gauntlets, white beard and ponytailed hair


The Thrill of the Hunt

Wolf was eventually a blood-thirsty member, who wanted to hunt gargoyles. The most despicable deed is being assisted by many fans of "The Pack" to attack the gargoyles and attack the Manhattan Clan, who were "summoned" by the TV ninjas. Goliath and Lexington were able to thwart him and the NYPD imprisoned him.

Leader of the Pack

He and the other members of the Pack escaped from prison after their first defeat. He and the other members confronted the Manhattan Clan on the ship Otoshiana Maru but retreated after destroying Coyote 1.0.


Wolf was chosen to be mutated by Sevarius to make him more powerful toward the Manhattan Clan. He tries to destroy the gargoyles but immediately failed.


He and the other members (along with an emir) are sent to find Anubis and give Xanatos immortality. While the group encounters Anubis, Goliath tries to stop them and the Pack from causing danger. As Jackal became Anubis' avatar, Wolf eventually became a wolf pup alongside Hyena until the Emir reverted to damage caused by the rogue mercenary.


Wolf is seen eating a drumstick from a dumpster while searching for a dangerous ax. He ends up confronting Hudson by battling him with his ax until being attacked by Goliath. After getting attacked, Wolf was stuck in a crane. Soon, the ghost of Hakon tells him to be stronger. Soon, Wolf ended attacking Hudson and Goliath with his ax and is soon having an argument with Hakon's ghost.

Back in the dump, Goliath ends up confronting Wolf again, which resulted him into a breakdown and is soon confronted by Hudson again. Soon, Wolf was crushed by a pile of cars and is soon found injured.


In this comic, Wolf and the other members of the Pack escaped from prison and did destruction in Time Square.


  • His voice actor, Clancy Brown, also did the voice of Hakon, who is his descendant.
  • Wolf is the only member of The Pack to become a mutant.


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