Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson is a former NHL player coach of Iceland's hockey team and was the main antagonist in D2: The Mighty Ducks.

In D2: The Mighty Ducks, Wolf is the head coach for Iceland's entry into the Junior Goodwill Games with their team, the Vikings. Team USA head coach Gordon Bombay recognizes Wolf for his reputation back in the NHL that got him dishonorably ejected from the organization because of his behavior and attitude.

During the Junior Goodwill Games double-elimination tournament, Team Iceland gains a crushing 12-1 victory over the overconfident Team USA, putting Team USA one loss away from being eliminated from the tournament. However, while Team USA fights back and manages to stay in the tournament, Wolf and Team Iceland end up soon being in the same position as Team USA when they lose to Team Russia, putting both teams at one loss away from elimination as they prepare to face each other in the tournament finals at the newly-opened Honda Center.

Before the finals, Wolf and Team Iceland confront Team USA as they are having some fun on the ice, with Wolf personally managing to deflate the beach ball they were using with his bare hands. When he notices Gordon able to skate again, he challenges him to a little game of three-shot with the first to hit the goal's posts and crossbar being the winner. When Gordon manages to take the lead and prepares for his final shot at the crossbar, Wolf, in anger, intentionally slashes at Gordon's bad knee, reopening the wound and sending Gordon crumpling to the ice in pain. Despite Team USA wanting blood for that low blow, Gordon holds them back, knowing they can get revenge on Wolf in the finals.

In the finals at the Honda Center, it seems that Wolf is out to dominate Team USA again, as Ken Wu is sent to the penalty box for defending himself against a Viking who tried to attack him, the Bash Brothers of Dean Portman and Fulton Reed are sent there as well after enraging the Vikings by whacking their helmets in unsportsmanlike celebration over Ken's actions, and manage to prevent the use of recently-added Team USA player Russ Tyler's special knucklepuck shot. However, in the second half, Team USA, now the Mighty Ducks, are able to fight back, and to Wolf's horror, Russ succeeds in getting off his knucklepuck shot to send the game into a 5-shot shootout.

With the Ducks managing to take a 4-3 lead in the shootout, Wolf relies on Team Iceland's top scorer, Gunner Stahl, to make the shot to tie it up, but despite Gunner attempting a triple deke on Team USA backup goalie Julie Gaffney with him taking a hard slapshot at the goal, Julie stops the puck cold and wins the Junior Goodwill Games for the United States of America. Wolf voices his disappointment to Gunner, saying he lost it for Iceland, but Gunner retorts back that Wolf lost it for himself before having the Vikings go shake the Ducks' hands for a hard-fought victory and good game. Wolf realizes the truth behind Gunner's words, and when he shakes hands with Bombay, he congratulates him on a job well done. Gordon is grateful and thanks Wolf, who smiles back, showing no hard feelings between the two coaches.

Playing Style

Wolf's playing style is briefly on display during the scrimmage against Gordan Bombay. He's shown to be a very proficient shooter and physical playing, but lacks the speed and maneuverability of Bombay.

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