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"Wonkin' for the Weekend" is the thirty-first episode of the second season (and eighty-third episode overall) of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. It premiered on April 20, 2015.


Randy and Howard are forced to go to Saturday school, and Howard discovers that he is a genius on the weekends. Randy uses Howard’s new smarts to figure out a way to get them out of going to Saturday school.


While downing a bottle of McBubbleSlam, Howard complains about having to attend school on a Saturday - and blames Randy for it. Randy is indignant, but it is revealed that Principal Slimovitz has instituted Saturday school in order to make up for missed curriculum time due to robot attacks. Everyone blames the Ninja since the attacks are attributed to him, and Randy has no comeback to that - not even as a part of Howard's hair suddenly turns white.

During math class, Randy tries to cheer Howard up by showing him a silly drawing of boxing hot dogs. As the teacher begins asking questions, Howard suddenly starts answering them all correctly. Without any more material to teach, the teacher prematurely dismisses the class. Randy and Howard guess that Howard's brainpower must be stronger on Saturdays as opposed to weekdays. Randy plots to himself that if he can rely on Howard's newfound intelligence, they could all get of Saturday school and throw all the blame off the Ninja. However, the NinjaNomicon informs Randy: "When you use a friend, you gain an enemy." Randy isn't too bothered by this and decides to proceed as planned, casually knocking Howard's soda into the trash.

As the day goes on, Howard easily completes each class while his hair grows increasingly white, giving him the appearance and behavior of a genius. In science class, Howard constructs a device which no one can identify. Howard expresses his annoyance at not being understood, but the teachers and students dismiss the device which apparently doesn't do anything, and all have a laugh. Using his intelligence, Howard reads the minds of the people around him; incensed that all of them are secretly mocking him, Howard uses his brainpower to activate his own device, which generates a black hole. Everyone begins panicking as they try to escape the black hole's pull. Randy, as the Ninja, tries to get Howard to stop, but gets a message in his mind from Howard saying not to disturb him. Randy guesses that if Howard can get into his head, he should be able to get into Howard's mind; pressing his head to Howard's, he does so.

Randy lands in an abstract realm representing Howard's mind, where he finds an avatar of Howard. Howard claims that since he achieved superintelligence, he has become enlightened and refuses to consort with silly thoughts or people who won't take him seriously. Randy tries to get Howard to power down his device, but Howard refuses, sending a variety of abstract equations, symbols and artwork to attack the Ninja, subduing him. Randy tries to appeal to Howard's goofy side, but Howard declares that he no longer has need for it and wishes it destroyed; this is represented by a collection of dumb thoughts in a cage placed on a conveyor belt, headed for an incinerator.

Randy realizes the Nomicon's lesson: by making use of Howard for his own ends, he turned Howard against him. Randy eventually manages to break Howard's genius facade by telling him jokes and gags, making Howard laugh uncontrollably. Howard's silly thoughts quickly overwhelm his intelligent thoughts, and as Howard starts reverting, the abstract world collapses until Randy and Howard are back in the real world.

Without Howard's brainpower, the black hole device abruptly powers down. Principal Slimovitz decides that in light of the incident, he is cancelling Saturday school for everyone and the students are going home - except for Doug, who insists on questioning how Howard became smart in the first place. Separately, a Robo-Ape reports to Viceroy that a batch of McBubbleSlam (which Howard was drinking) became contaminated with some of Viceroy's super genius juice; Viceroy decides to dismiss the report, since space-time hasn't collapsed upon itself.



  • The title is a reference to the song "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy.
  • Running Gag:
    • Randy's whispering and Howard's hair color changing.
  • This was the second episode that focused on Howard's intelligence. The first one was "Stanks Like Teen Spirit".
  • The episode showed that Randy was not good in math.
  • This episode is similar to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Patrick SmartPants", where Patrick Star ends up getting smarter.
  • "Smart Howard” is the second person who has used "Randall," the full version of Randy’s first name, to address him (the first having been Julian in "Mastermind of Disastermind"), yet again Randy doesn’t question it.
  • The consequences of the collateral damages, as a result of Ninja battles are brought up in this episode.


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