Woodrow Wilkins is the protagonist of the 1981 film, Condorman. A wacky writer of comic books who suddenly becomes a agent of the C.I.A. under the codename Condorman.


When he makes his comic books he likes to see if his fiction can work in reality. When he starts working on a comic known as Condorman he builds a set of wings and tries to fly off the Eiffel Tower. At first it all went well until the right wing broke and crashed landed into the river.

He lives with his friend Harry in Paris whose a file clerk at the C.I.A. He's sent to Istanbul to deliver some papers to a K.G.B. agent named Natalia Rambova. Natalia mistakes him for a real agent, as Woody is dressed in a trench coat and hat mentioning codenames, and engages in a physical confrontation with a few Turkey Thugs.

When the C.I.A. gets word that a Russian agent (Codename: The Bear) wants to defect to the U.S.A., the agent chosen to handle the operation goes by the codename "Condorman" much to Harry and Russ's worry since Condorman is in fact Woody. At first Woody refuses to help until he's told that "The Bear" is in fact Natalia, the girl he met in Istanbul. Using advanced gadgetry, super vehicles and disguises imagined by his comic ideas, he helps Natalia escape from Krokov's clutches who will stop at nothing to get her back. As they travel from Yugoslavia to Switzerland, Woody and Natalia grow close and begin to fall in love.

When Natalia gets captured, Harry is informed by Russ they have been ordered to return to Paris. However, Woody refuses to leave Natalia behind, and insists on completing the mission. Woody and Harry infiltrate Krokov's party disguised as two wealthy rich men and rescue Natalia. They meet up at the docks and make their escape aboard a jet boat (aka Condorboat). Krokov and his right hand man Morovich pursue them but the trio reach their rendezvous point and escape aboard a helicopter.

Woody is last seen at a baseball game in Los Angeles with Natalia and Harry and is unexpectedly given a new assignment which Harry whispers into his ear. He responds with a smile.


  • In "Small Fry", the second episode of Toy Story Toons, Condorman appears as a small meal toy in the Condormobile. He was voiced by Bob Bergen.
  • His name could also possibly be a take on Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States.


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