WorldKey was a digital information system that was created for EPCOT Center in 1982 by Bell Laboratories and Western Electric with its services significantly expanded in 1984.

Featured at Spaceship Earth's Earth Station post-show area and at kiosks throughout the park, connected by then-revolutionary fibre-optic cables, WorldKey allowed guests to learn about the different attractions at Epcot as well as connect with Guest Services cast members through video-phone for assistance and dining reservations.

Because WorldKey's guide features utilized laserdisc technology, they became more cumbersome to update as newer pavilions arrived at Epcot. Pages and intros for The Living Seas and Wonders of Life were a lot simpler then their predecessors. Eventually, WorldKey's primary home at Earth Station would be removed for the Global Neighborhood in 1994 and the rest of the system would shortly go down with it.



EPCOT Center's WorldKey Information System Documentary (1984) -

A documentary featurette on WorldKey

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