World Chorus was a walk-through attraction at Disneyland Park (Paris) located at the exit of It's a Small World.


Guests observed replicas of various world landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House, the Sphinx, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Parthenon, and an African hut, in which animated children were seen communicating to each other through different uses of technology in 14 different scenes.

  • 1. An Italian pilot named Leonardo is seen driving an airplane and sends an e-mail to a German boy named Hans who dances in excitement with his dog, Patches.
  • 2. An Egyptian boy named Moses is seen sending a facsimile of the song's sheet music through fax.
  • 3. A Russian girl named Alexandra is seen feeding her pet goldfish, Bubbles, when she receives a call from an Italian gondolier boy named Alberto.
  • 4. An English girl named Victoria is seen singing part of the attraction's song when her wristwatch tells her it is time to call Austria and watch a cat named Frisky get fed.
  • 5. Two English kids named Abigail and Adrian are seen watching Treasure Island and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea when Abigail taps Adrian on the shoulder and hands him a card. He then inserts it into the TV and a concert taking place at the Eiffel Tower appears.
  • 6. A Spanish boy named Miguel is seen tuning his guitar when a string breaks, so he calls a French girl named Charlotte on his telephone.
  • 7. An Asian boy named Makoto is seen sending an e-mail before falling asleep when his Venezuelan correspondent, Diego, receives his message.
  • 8. An American cowboy named Lucky is seen calling a Brazilian dance girl named Daphne.
  • 9. An Italian boy named Lorenzo is seen calling a Swedish girl named Olivia, who is riding her bicycle with her dog, Spike.
  • 10. An African boy named Hahn is seen singing the attraction's song with his parrot, Feathers.
  • 11. A Belgian boy named Arthur is seen sending an e-mail to an Egyptian boy named Pascal.
  • 12. A Dutch girl named Julia and her dog, Spot, are seen using the Internet to receive tickets to the concert at the Eiffel Tower.
  • 13. A children's choir is seen singing the attraction's song accompanied by a conductor and the silhouettes of three violinists. The choir kids are named Helen, Christopher, Priscilla, Mark and Brittany.
  • 14. A German boy named Conrad is seen communicating to his friend, Ken, by computer while accompanied by some bluebirds.

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