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"World Tree Caballeros" is the fourth episode of Legend of the Three Caballeros. It premiered on June 9, 2018 on the DisneyLife app in the Philippines and premiered on Disney XD in the United States on August 28, 2021[1].


After detecting Felldrake in Rome, Xandra takes the Caballeros to the World Tree, where her fellow gods protect the planets that grow on its branches. Xandra is disappointed to find that the gods have grown older and have given up violence, and she and the Caballeros must encourage them to find the strength to fight again when Felldrake tries to take a planet's power for his own.


Still stuck in Outer Space, Baron Von Sheldgoose is talking with his ancestor Lord Felldrake who explains to him that his magic sustains him to keep him alive in Space. As Sheldgoose, his ancestor, and Leopold the Horrible arrive at Earth, the three spy on Clinton Coot's cabana in a plan to defeat the Three Caballeros to which inside the cabana, the three are having a popcorn fight to which Xandra joins in with the three under emulation rules to which her arrow knocks down a chandelier inside the cabana.

Meanwhile, Sheldgoose and his ancestor plan to enter the cabana to which the two are unable to due to a protective force field to which while devising, Felldrake sends in Leopold a way to get there just as the two board a private jet to track down the Caballeros to which upon seeing Italy, Felldrake explains to his descendant that he should prepare for the World Tree of the Gods, a dangerous area Sheldgoose should prepare for. Arriving at Rome, Sheldgoose asks his pilot Joe to help him get to the World Tree to which as the villains arrive at a snowy mountain, Sheldgoose finds no sign of the Tree he is talking about, Felldrake shows a path leading to the World Tree very long for the two to walk at. As an alternative, the two decide to board an elevator to find the Tree.

Back at Clinton Coot's cabana, Xandra approaches Daisy's nieces who plan to show her their belongings to which upon using their cellphone, the AI on April, May, and June's cellphone asks her to know if she needs help. Xandra asks her to know what was going on in the past 500 years while being trapped in a book to which the AI searches for a topic that relates to Xandra's request, which is the Myth of Xandra, the goddess of adventure. After Xandra explains that she used to party with the Roman gods, May explains to her that nobody does it anymore. Noticing a flame icon on the map, Xandra explains to the Caballeros that Felldrake is back at Italy, home of the Roman gods, explaining to the three about Jupiter, the ruler of the gods, Venus, the goddess of love, Mars, the god of dreaming as Xandra brings the Caballeros to the World Tree of the Gods where Felldrake is at.

At the Tree, Felldrake and his descendant devise a plan to get inside the Tree without getting spotted by the gods to which upon bypassing an "employees only" sign, the Caballeros are at the spot where Felldrake took the elevator. The three follow Xandra across a very long staircase for five hours to get to the World Tree. Arriving there, Panchito explained that he took the elevator as a shortcut while Donald and José walked for five hours. Introducing the three to the Roman gods, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars approach Xandra who introduces herself as the goddess of adventure. Xandra asks Mars to know what happened to his beautiful hair to which he explains to her that Jupiter cuts it for him. Venus then explains that the gods no longer do war strategies as she explains that they now do farming and taking care of the World Tree, Jupiter explains to her that the Tree has been since the Titan War. Xandra introduces the gods to the Three Caballeros to which Xandra explains that the Felldrake has returned for world domination to which Venus explains that the only problems they face is the termite problem. Jupiter then plans for a feast for Xandra's return to the World Tree.

Meanwhile, Baron von Sheldgoose and his ancestor are spying on the Caballeros and the gods to which upon seeing the fabled world fruit, Sheldgoose is tasked to find big fruit to make him the powerful as part of Felldrake's evil plans. During the feast, a termite chomps on Donald to which the three chase him across the World Tree. Seeing the cosmic fruits in the Tree, Sheldgoose finds himself high above with the Caballeros below the him and his ancestor to which upon seeing three termites, the Caballeros plan to stop Felldrake, but makes it challenging by using his magical powers on the termites, mutating them into monstrous size. The mutated termites chase the Caballeros across the World Tree as they plan to kill the trio.

Meanwhile, Xandra is discussing with the gods about what happened to them to which Jupiter explains that they have been gardening for years while Xandra is still trapped in the golden atlas to which while explaining to the three about being obsessed with harvesting, Jupiter notices the mutated termites charging down the tree which reminds Mars of the Titan War all over again as the three hide under tables from the termites.

Meanwhile, the Caballeros are discussing a plan to get rid of the mutated termites to which Donald dresses himself as a tree to distract the termites. Later, when Baron von Sheldgoose grabs the World Fruit, he absorbs the power for Felldrake as part of his plans, leaving Xandra in worry and planning to fight against the evil warlock. Xandra explains to Daisy's nieces for help to which June explains to her to look inside herself to be heroic. Reminding Xandra of the nieces, she devises a plan to the Roman gods to return to their fighting skills so that they can be mighty heroes. Later, Donald (wearing a tree costume while being used by José and Panchito) is at the mercy of being devoured by the mutated termites to which Xandra fires an arrow at a few termites to which Xandra explains that she brought in the Roman gods to rescue them from the mutated termites to which the Roman gods and Xandra fend off the mutated termites. Having taken care of the termites (reverting them back to their normal forms), Xandra notices Felldrake absorbing powerful magic as Xandra faces him and his descendant to which Sheldgoose and his ancestor send a meteor shower to destroy the World Tree to which Xandra, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars protect the Tree from the meteor shower with help from the Caballeros to which the three are tasked to distract him to which in a plan to stop him, Jupiter tosses the three to the spot Sheldgoose is at as the gods continue deflecting the meteors to which as the Caballeros confuse Sheldgoose, Xandra fires a perfect shot at Sheldgoose, causing him to drop the World Fruit as the meteor Sheldgoose is on crumbles as the Caballeros rope a branch for them to avoid falling, leaving Felldrake and Sheldgoose defeated. Xandra praises the gods for their heroism as the gods celebrate their victory with Earth-themed pie. Meanwhile, Sheldgoose and his ancestor land on Easter Island as a Moai notices what is going on.

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  • During the Whack-a-Mole sequence, Panchito does his signature "Pistol fingers" as a nod to his previous appearance and his name in the 1944 movie.
  • The episode was originally to have been more properly focused on Norse Mythology and utilize members of the Norse pantheon, but this was changed to Roman Gods at the request of Marvel to avoid brand confusion with the Thor franchise.
  • While not based on the Greek gods as depicted in Hercules, the gods do mention having fought a war in the past with the giant Titans just as revealed in the prologue of the 1997 film.


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