Would You Eat a Blue Potato? is a 1988 educational Disney animated short from the Language Arts Through Imagination series starring Figment from Journey into Imagination.


Katie and Scott are invited to eat at the home of Figment the dragon. The snack consists of green milk, blue potatoes, pink cauliflower, and orange sandwiches. Figment realizes the food just doesn't feel right to the children.

They read a story of a sad king who painted his kingdom blue to match his mood. The children go through a series of "colorful" experiences and discover color through their senses and imaginations—imagining how the world would look and feel if everything was just one color. In the end, the children realize they like all the colors together best of all—and the King agrees!

Labeling emotions, clustering, comparing and contrasting, and observation skills are all a part of the problem-solving effort.


The short incorporate stock footage from:


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