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Not to be confused with "Wreck-It Ralph: The Video Game".

Wreck-It Ralph was a mobile application based on the 2012 Disney animated feature film of the same name. The app was released one day before the film was released in theaters.

The app was later removed from the App Store at an unknown date.


When the player starts a new game upon opening the app, the Surge Protector talks to the player who finds him/her as a newcomer who is new to Game Central Station telling the player to visit the game Fix-It Felix Jr. to which the player can explore around Game Central Station throughout the app. The player can explore a variety of games inspired by the ones from the games seen in Litwak's Arcade where the player can select games to play like the ones seen in the movie. The high score seen on the leaderboard above each game entrance depends on how well the player scored. Besides playing games, the player can also tap on Felix, Ralph, Vanellope or Calhoun who are at the Game Central Station hub to hear them talk (the voice clips used for them are reused clips from the movies) at Game Central Station.


The Wreck-It Ralph app features a variety of games the player can select. As the games themselves have no true endings, the player can play each game to get the highest score throughout the app.

  • Fix-It Felix Jr.: Based on the game from Litwak's Arcade, the player assumes the role of Fix-It Felix Jr. who must repair the Niceland Apartment's windows caused by Wreck-It Ralph himself without getting hit by bricks. Along the way, the player can also collect pies which make Felix temporarily invincible for a while to avoid getting hit by obstacles. Just like what happened in the actual game after Felix successfully fixes all of the windows on the building, a speech bubble above the Nicelanders, "You've fixed it!" will appear, just as the Nicelanders then throw Ralph off the apartment in revenge. In later levels, some windows that the player encounters contain window shutters which block Felix from moving horizontally as well as ducks which constantly fly across Niceland which the player must avoid.
  • Sugar Rush Sweet Climber: Set in the Sugar Rush video game, the player assumes the role of Ralph who must jump on the candy cane branches to jump as high as they can to score points. The player can collect candies along the way for extra points. Also throughout the game, the player can also use gumdrops, cotton candy fluffs, or marshmallows to help Ralph jump higher as well as tapping the screen for a speed boost as marked by an orange soda. However, the player has a limited number of speed boosts, so collecting orange soda bottles can help refill speed boosts to help gain a high score in the game. Green-striped candy cane vines also appear later throughout the game, but when jumped on, they disappear after Ralph jumps on them. The game ends when Ralph falls off the screen.
  • Hero's Duty: The player assumes the role of Calhoun who must shoot down waves of Cy-Bugs trying to attack her throughout the game. The more the player advances throughout the game, the harder the game gets with more Cy-Bugs constantly appearing in larger waves. Along the way, the player can also collect power-ups such as special weapons to help clear away larger waves of Cy-Bugs as well as health which can be refilled throughout the game.
  • TurboTime: Based on the game that was formerly housed at Litwak's Arcade, the player assumes the role of Turbo from the TurboTime game. The player must stay on the race track to help win the race while either rotating the steering wheel icon or touching the screen to turn left or right. The player must also avoid obstacles (tire piles, oil slicks, water puddles, and road cones) throughout the game as they can slow the player down. Along the way, the player can also collect coins for extra points as well as speed boosts to help the player win faster. The player loses upon crossing the final lap in fourth place, so the player must stay in either first, second, or third place to win the game. If the player wins the race, the game becomes harder with the race tracks becoming harder and complicated throughout the game.
  • Hero's Duty Flight Command: Set in the world of Hero's Duty, the game is set in a flight simulator where the player assumes the role of a spaceship. Throughout the game, the player must shoot down the Cy-Bugs which try to slow them down as well as obstacles blocking the path. Throughout the game, the player can also earn score multipliers to get a higher score throughout the game. The more the player advances, the harder the game goes with tougher Cy-Bugs and extra obstacles along the way.

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