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This article is about the character. For the film, see Wreck-It Ralph.

I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me.
―Wreck-It Ralph[src]

Wreck-It Ralph is the titular protagonist of the Wreck-It Ralph film series. Standing at 9ft tall and weighing 643 pounds, Ralph is a heavy-handed wrecker who acts as the villain (or "bad-guy") of Fix-It Felix Jr., a video game in Litwak's Arcade. True to his name, Ralph is depicted as a large, middle-aged man whose temper and unbridled strength are typically the impetus for destruction. In an affront to his programming, Ralph longed to be appreciated by his peers, which manifested in a roguish dream to become a "good guy".


I'm gonna wreck it!
―Ralph's catchphrase

In Fix-It Felix Jr., an 8-bit video game in Litwak's Arcade, Ralph serves as the villain, with a vendetta against the residents of Niceland for constructing an apartment building over his forest home and relegating him to the dump. Ralph shouts out, "I'm gonna wreck it!" and begins to demolish the building while Fix-It Felix Jr. comes in to save the day. Once the building is repaired in the end, the Nicelanders throw Ralph off the top of the building, sending him falling into a puddle of mud below.

After hours, Ralph is warm-hearted and friendly, albeit with a temper. Because of his role as the bad guy of his game, however, he was ostracized by the inhabitants of Niceland and was forced to live in the town's dump with his stump and bricks, as opposed to the quaint apartment building with the other citizens. He was also feared by other denizens of the arcade, who opted to stay away from Ralph whenever he was about. After enduring this mistreatment for thirty years, Ralph found it increasingly difficult to enjoy his job.

Official Description

Ralph is a heavy-handed "wrecking riot" with a heart. For 30 years, he's been doing his job as the bad guy in the arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr. But it's getting harder and harder to love his job when no one seems to like him for doing it. Suffering from a classic case of "bad guy fatigue" and hungry for a little "wreck-ognition", Ralph embarks on a wild adventure across an incredible arcade game universe to prove that just because he's a bad guy doesn't mean he's a "bad guy".


Ralph was inspired by Donkey Kong, the villain of the 1981 arcade game of the same name. In the earliest versions of the story, Ralph was a supporting character, with Fix-It Felix Jr. serving as the protagonist. However, writer Phil Johnston believed that the story of Ralph trying to become a bigger person — a hero — would be more compelling, and thus the roles of these two characters were switched.

Ralph went through an evolution of designs, and was not always an oversized human with abnormally large fists and feet. Instead, Ralph wasn't a human at all: he was a beast, with designs ranging from a red furry monster (very similar to the overall character theme of Sulley from the DisneyPixar film Monsters, Inc.), to an abominable snowman-like creature, among others. Ralph, even at some points, resembled a character in the style of 1930s cartoon bad guys, such as Pete from the Mickey Mouse shorts. In order to have the audience develop a more relatable relationship with the character, Ralph's design became that of a humanoid figure, albeit matching the exaggerated style of a 1980s 8-bit video game.


Despite his hulking nature and villainous programming, Ralph is ultimately a sweet, well-meaning character. He is also extremely casual and somewhat laid-back. Though surrounded by over-the-top personalities (such as the excessively gruff Sergeant Calhoun or the magnanimous Felix), Ralph carries himself in a manner that's considerably more human, and less caricatured. However, as a direct result of his programming, Ralph is also a destructive bumbler with a very explosive temper. As such, he can occasionally fall into fits of rage, causing him to rampage and destroy objects around him (though it should be noted that whenever his temper surfaces, he always directs it towards inanimate objects and never hurts other people/characters). This is what ultimately motivates Ralph's unpleasant reputation in Niceland, and the arcade as a whole, as well as the reasoning behind the bad guy's insecurities and antisocial behavior. Even so, Ralph makes earnest efforts (in a rather passive-aggressive manner) to suppress his temper and wrecking habits for the sake of those around him, as well as himself—especially during social events like the 30th anniversary of Fix-It Felix Jr. Ralph's programming and constant mistreatment make this a difficult feat to accomplish, however.

Ralph was a fairly selfish character at the start of the film; his goal was to win the respect and hearts of other video game characters by retrieving a medal, but uncaringly causing havoc—including theft, physical intimidation, and breaking arcade bylaws by game-jumping along the way. He was also arrogant, blinded by his own self-interest, and had little regret in causing damage during his pursuit for a medal. Nevertheless, his intentions were pure at their core; he did not wish to become a hero for the sake of becoming one. Instead, he spent years living with the belief that only heroes were capable of making friends and garnering appreciation for their work, prompting him to change his reputation in hopes of receiving what he believes to be "good-guy exclusive" luxuries. Being that he spent thirty years facing prejudice and abuse and was terrified of enduring thirty more years of it, Ralph's lengths to achieve his goals had few bounds, with his breaking point having been reached.

Upon meeting the young, feisty misfit Vanellope, Ralph learns that having medals and an abundance of praise isn't what makes a good-guy, but showing love and care for others does. Loving and valiant, Ralph went through great lengths to ensure Vanellope's happiness and safety, ultimately at the expense of his own, thus allowing him to evolve from selfish to selfless over the course of the movie.

He is also shown to be extremely protective through his friendship with Vanellope, as he continuously protected her from various antagonists throughout the film, and was willing to bring legit, physical harm to those who unfairly opposed and discriminated her. This is partially out of relatable sympathy for the young glitch, as she had endured treatment similar to Ralph's own experiences, showing Ralph's desire to help those as unfortunate, or even less so, than himself. This is also seen during the first half of the film, where Ralph charitably bestowed stolen cherries to the then homeless Q*bert and his colleagues, as their game was unplugged, leaving them without food and sustenance. Ralph's care for others was also showcased during the finale, where he invited homeless video game characters to live in Niceland as his neighbors.

Though he doesn't exactly appear to be much of an intellectual, Ralph actually proves to have some intelligence to him, as he has the ability to concoct plans and effective courses of action on the spot, using his brawn to his advantage in creative ways. This is notably seen during his adventures in both Hero's Duty and Sugar Rush, as well as the climax.

In Ralph Breaks the Internet, while Ralph has made peace with his role as a video game villain and learned that all he needs to be happy are genuine friendships like the one he has with Vanellope, his insecurities still manifest in other ways. Throughout the film, he shows a huge amount of clinginess towards her, to the point he stakes his self-esteem on and attributes his life getting better pretty much solely to their friendship. Over the course of the film, he learns not to rely on it so much to feel good about himself, and that if he truly cares about friends like her, he needs to let them make their own decisions, follow their true callings and ultimately let them go when the time comes, as well as that even if they're far apart, they can still maintain contact with one another.

Physical appearance

Ralph himself has stated that he's nine feet tall (2.74 m) and 643 lbs (292 kg). He's a muscular guy with huge hands, huge feet, spiky dark auburn hair (red in 8-bit), brown eyes, thick eyebrows, a small gap in his upper front teeth, a big pink nose, and rosy cheeks. Ralph wears a red-orange plaid shirt with ripped off sleeves and two out of three yellow buttons buttoned up, a turquoise shirt underneath his plaid shirt, and a pair of burgundy red overalls with a broken left strap; worn knees; and tattered leg cuffs. He's never seen wearing shoes.

In Ralph Breaks the Internet when the Disney Princesses rescued him from falling over the edge and lands on a bed, he wore Snow White's signature dress magically given to them as his bare back was exposed due to his size.

Powers and abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Ralph is seen as having immense superhuman strength. He has shown being able to lift objects many times his own size and weight in the film. Ralph has demonstrated his strength multiple times, such as being able to bring down a building by smashing it with his own two hands, being able to lift a car off the ground with little effort, and he was able to smash through the walls of King Candy's "Fungeon" with a single punch. Also, Ralph was able to bring down the Mentos stalactites with a few smashes to the ground, and other feats demonstrating his supernatural strength level.
  • Superhuman Speed: Ralph can move at speeds greater than what is naturally possible.
  • Superhuman Durability: Ralph also has seen being superhumanly durable. He was able to withstand a strike from King Candy in his Cy-Bug form (which would have severely injured an ordinary human being), being hit by Vanellope's cart multiple times, and even falling many stories from buildings in his game without sustaining damage.
  • Super Agility: He's capable of jumping from one place to another at great heights, as evidenced during the climax of the first film when he's trying to save Sugar Rush from the Cy-Bugs (including King Candy, after he got devowered by one of them).
  • Semi-Immortality: Ralph, being a video game character, also is semi-immortal, meaning that he can never age, but can die from being killed outside his game, which he would be incapable of regenerating from.
  • Master-Wrecker: Living up to his name, Ralph is an excellent wrecking man. He is capable of completely obliterating buildings, huge objects, and taking down large structures all with his brute force.


Wreck-It Ralph


8-bit Wreck-It Ralph as the bad guy of Fix-It Felix Jr.

On the 30th anniversary of his game, Fix-It Felix Jr., Ralph attends a Bad-Anon support group meeting to relieve the stress he's been feeling over the past 30 years, this being the first time he has ever done so. There, Ralph confesses that he doesn't want to be a bad guy anymore, shocking the other members of the meeting who fear Ralph may be "going Turbo" on them. Ralph reassures the others that he only wants a better life, but they try to encourage Ralph to accept his role for the good of his game and himself, reminding him of the Bad-Anon motto of "one game at a time". After the meeting, a downhearted Ralph returns home and finds that the citizens of his game are having an anniversary party without him. Ralph gets Felix to invite him in, but the Nicelanders are less than pleased to see the former. The awkward moment turns into a heated argument between Ralph and the mayor of Niceland, Gene, who sees Ralph as nothing more than a villain ineligible of receiving love or appreciation. A frustrated Ralph believes earning a medal, like Felix does at the end of each game when he wins the level, would give him the respect he deserves, and Gene indirectly agrees, offering the apartment's penthouse as Ralph's reward if he succeeded and proved Gene and the other Nicelanders wrong. As such, Ralph vows to somehow win a medal, in order to prove his worth.

Medal Ralph

Ralph "earning" the Medal of Heroes.

Ralph then heads to Tapper's, to ask the bartender if he knows of such a game that presents bad guys with medals. After searching through Tapper's lost and found box, Ralph instead runs into a soldier from a game called Hero's Duty who tells Ralph that a medal is given to the bravest of the brave: the Medal of Heroes. The soldier then spots a cockroach on Ralph's shoulder, freaks out, and flees, inadvertently running right into a wall and knocking himself out. Ralph then seizes this opportunity to win a medal and steals the soldier's armor and sneaks into the game. However, it's not at all what he had hoped. Hero's Duty instead turns out to be a violent game infested by deadly creatures known as Cy-Bugs. After blundering through the game, Ralph finally finds the medal. After collecting it, Ralph accidentally hatches a Cy-Bug egg and the baby Cy-Bug immediately attacks him. In a scuffle, Ralph accidentally boards an escape shuttle that blasts them to Sugar Rush, a kart racing game.


Ralph's first meeting with Vanellope doesn't go well at all.

Meanwhile, Fix-It Felix Jr. is put out-of-order due to Ralph's absence. Mr. Litwak reluctantly decides that if the game doesn't work by the next day, it would be unplugged. To save the game, Felix journeys off to find Ralph and teams up with the leader of Hero's Duty, Sergeant Calhoun, to do so. Back at Sugar Rush, the Cy-Bug apparently drowns in a taffy lake, but unbeknownst to Ralph, it instead creates a nest underground. During his catastrophic entrance into Sugar Rush, Ralph accidentally loses his medal, which is soon stolen by a little girl named Vanellope. Vanellope uses the medal to insert herself into Sugar Rush's upcoming race. Ralph tries to get his medal back, but he finds himself in trouble with Wynnchel and Duncan, Sugar Rush's bumbling and corrupt security forces. Ralph is arrested and taken to the castle of King Candy where he meets the king and his minion, Sour Bill. Ralph informs King Candy about his plight, but the king explains that the medal is now nothing but code and can only be retrieved when someone wins the cup at the end of the race. He openly decides to steal back the medal once the race is won, but King Candy orders him to leave the game or be imprisoned.

WIR - Vanellope's new kart

Vanellope shows her excitement over her new kart much to Ralph's surprise and delight.

Ralph escapes and tries to find some racers to help win back his medal. Instead, Ralph finds Vanellope being tormented by the racers for being a "glitch", programming errors that are banned from racing by orders of King Candy. Sympathetic, Ralph scares the racers off, though Vanellope is too upset and embarrassed to thank him. Instead, she proposes that she and Ralph team up; after Ralph helps her make a kart, Vanellope will win the race and get back his medal. Desperate, Ralph reluctantly agrees. They go to King Candy's kart factory, where Ralph and Vanellope work together to bake a kart. As Ralph feared, the kart comes out rather haggard, which seems to prove that he can only destroy. Surprisingly, Vanellope loves the kart and enthusiastically points out all its perfections, proving that Ralph is actually capable of making others happy. To commemorate their achievement, Ralph and Vanellope sign the kart, but their moment is short-lived as King Candy and his minions arrive to apprehend Vanellope.


Upon learning more about Vanellope, Ralph slowly begins aiding her for reasons beyond winning back his medal.

Ralph frantically orders Vanellope to start the kart, so they can escape, but Vanellope confesses that she doesn't know how to drive a real kart. With Ralph using his fists to manually drive them to safety, Vanellope directs them to her hideout in Diet Cola Mountain. Inside, Ralph berates Vanellope for not being able to drive and feels even more hopeless about regaining his medal. When Ralph explains that the medal is his only way of earning respect within his game, Vanellope relates it to her motivation for racing. She later gives Ralph a tour of her home in Diet Cola Mountain; its shabby and lonely atmosphere reminds Ralph of his dump back in Niceland, prompting him to ask why Vanellope doesn't just leave the game. Unfortunately, glitches can't leave their games, forcing her to endure her misery in Sugar Rush. This motivates Ralph to help Vanellope win the race; not only for his medal, but also so she can have a better life. Ralph wrecks the ground to create a racetrack within the mountain. He teaches Vanellope how to drive, and over time, Vanellope is revealed to be quite skilled, giving Ralph confidence that his medal is his for the taking.


Ralph having his medal returned to him.

Satisfied with their progress, Ralph and Vanellope start to make their way to the race. Before they leave, Vanellope excitedly returns to the mountain to retrieve something. During her absence, King Candy arrives and reveals to have uncovered Ralph's medal. He happily returns it to Ralph, in exchange for a chance to explain why Vanellope cannot race. According to King Candy, Vanellope's glitching would have the players think the game is broken, resulting in Sugar Rush being unplugged. Not only would the citizens of the game become homeless, but Vanellope (being a glitch) would be trapped and die alongside the cabinet. King Candy asks Ralph to somehow keep Vanellope from the race for her own safety, which the latter solemnly accepts.


Ralph after wrecking Vanellope's kart.

After King Candy takes his leave, Vanellope returns with a surprise for Ralph: a homemade medal with the inscription "You're my hero". She explains that she made it in the event that they don't win the race. Though touched, Ralph still tries to dissuade Vanellope from racing. Vanellope is initially confused, but immediately becomes suspicious upon noticing the Medal of Heroes around Ralph's neck. Vanellope questions where he got it, but the mention of King Candy leads her to believe that Ralph has betrayed her and formed an alliance with her nemesis. Ralph tries to explain that he only wants to protect Vanellope, but she refuses to listen out of distrust. Determined to live her dream, Vanellope tries to go on without Ralph, leaving the latter with no choice other than to wreck her kart. Distraught, Vanellope looks to Ralph through tears, and declares him a real "bad guy". She then runs off heartbroken, leaving a downhearted Ralph to return to his game with both of his medals.

WIR - Ralph alone at the apartment

Ralph on the Niceland Apartment's balcony, about to realize King Candy's treachery.

When he returns, Ralph finds that all the Nicelanders, except Gene, have fled to Game Central Station due to the fear of their game being unplugged and shut down. Gene informs Ralph that Litwak will be unplugging the game in the morning due to Ralph's absence. He then hands over the keys to the penthouse as promised since Ralph proved him wrong and won a medal, and leaves as well. Alone again, Ralph stands on the balcony of the apartment building, regretting everything he's done. At this moment, Ralph accepts that he'll never be a hero and throws the Medal of Heroes at the screen of the game. The impact of the medal slightly knocks off the out-of-order sign and reveals the Sugar Rush cabinet in the distance. On the cabinet, Ralph notices Vanellope's picture featured prominently along the side, making him suspicious of King Candy's story. Ralph rushes back to Sugar Rush and interrogates Sour Bill for answers. Ralph learns that King Candy hacked into Sugar Rush's codes and tried to erase Vanellope out of existence, turning her into a glitch. He also learns that if Vanellope crosses the finish line in an official race, the game will reset, and she'll no longer be a glitch.


Ralph reuniting with Vanellope in the fungeon cell, apologizing for his actions.

Determined to set things right, Ralph collects the pieces of Vanellope's destroyed kart and barges into the fungeon where Felix is imprisoned after he was captured by King Candy's men. When Felix reprimands Ralph, the latter confesses that he only ran off to pursue a better life. Beginning to understand how he can't change who he is, Ralph asks Felix to fix Vanellope's destroyed kart, promising that he will never try to be good again if Felix does so. Proud of Ralph's selflessness, Felix happily complies. With the repaired kart, Ralph breaks into Vanellope's cell and apologizes for his actions. With all forgiven, he, Vanellope, and Felix rush to the already-started Random Roster Race. As a result of her glitching, Vanellope passes the other racers within minutes, with the only racer left that she's behind being King Candy himself. Meanwhile, Ralph is confronted by an infuriated Sergeant Calhoun. Calhoun informs Ralph that the Cy-Bugs have been bred underground, spawned from the baby Cy-Bug that he brought into Sugar Rush during his crash landing that he presumed drowned in the taffy lake. Just then, the Cy-Bugs explode from the ground and begin to ravage through Sugar Rush, prompting Felix and Calhoun to evacuate the citizens.


Ralph formulates a plan to erupt Diet Cola Mountain.

As they do, a swarm of Cy-Bugs begins to destroy the finish line, forcing Ralph into battle for the sake of Vanellope. As Ralph and Felix fend off the Cy-Bugs at the finish line, they notice Vanellope and King Candy battling on the jumbo screen. Suddenly, Vanellope's glitching distorts King Candy's appearance and reveals him to be Turbo, the supposedly deceased racer whose game-jumping caused the unplugging of two cabinets, coining the phrase "going Turbo". Vanellope is able to escape Turbo, but her kart is thrown off the track by Cy-Bugs before she can cross the finish line. As Ralph and Felix tend to her, the Cy-Bugs destroy the finish line, forcing them to make way for Game Central Station. Unfortunately, Vanellope is unable to leave due to being a glitch. As Ralph desperately looks for a way to save her, he recalls that Cy-Bugs can be stopped with a beacon. With this, Ralph quickly formulates a plan to erupt the Diet Cola Mountain to use the lava as a beacon, which will attract the Cy-Bugs to their destruction before they can destroy all of Sugar Rush, then spread to the rest of the arcade if they manage to breach Game Central Station.


Ralph plummeting to Diet Cola Mountain.

Using Calhoun's cruiser, Ralph flies to the top of the mountain, where he begins to smash its crater of Mentos with his fists. Just as Ralph is about to bring down the crater, Turbo (who has transformed into a Cy-Bug hybrid after being consumed by one) arrives and attempts to kill Ralph. They battle, but Turbo gains the upper hand by lifting Ralph into the air. Turbo then forces Ralph to watch as the Cy-Bugs close in on Vanellope, Felix, and Calhoun as they try to hold the line and prevent the Cy-Bugs from entering Game Central Station. The evil king declares it's game over for the heroes, but Ralph resigns himself to his fate and breaks free from Turbo's grasps. As he falls toward Diet Cola Mountain, Ralph recites the Bad Guy Affirmation he learned at Bad-Anon and tightly grips Vanellope's medal. The impact of his fall sends the entire crater of Mentos barreling down into the lava. Before Ralph can fall into the pool of lava himself, he is rescued by Vanellope, who uses another racer's kart to race into the mountain and catch him. Together, the two escape the mountain and fall safely into a pond of chocolate. As planned, the eruption of Diet Cola Mountain produces a beacon that entrances, attracts, and kills all the Cy-Bugs, including Turbo, saving Sugar Rush and the entire arcade. In a moment of rejoicing at having survived a near-fatal catastrophe, Ralph loudly announces his newfound love for chocolate (which he previously hated).


Ralph and Vanellope bidding their farewells for now.

Back at the track, Felix restores the finish line, allowing Vanellope to complete the race. Once the finish line is crossed, the Sugar Rush game resets, restoring the kingdom to its original settings. Additionally, Vanellope's codes are also restored, and she is then revealed to be the true ruler of the game. At this time, the arcade is about ready to open, so Ralph and Vanellope bid each other farewell. Before he can depart, Vanellope tearfully offers him a room in her castle where he'll be happy, to which Ralph humbly denies the offer, telling her that their friendship is enough to keep him happy and that he has a responsibility of his own, finally accepting his important role as the bad guy of his game. After many salutations of farewell and humorous name-calling between the two, Ralph heads back to Fix-It Felix Jr. with Felix, just in time to show Mr. Litwak that the game is working again, sparing it from being unplugged.

WIR - How bad can I be?

Ralph waving to Vanellope during the film's finale.

During the finale, it is shown that the Nicelanders have finally learned that Ralph is an important part of the game and begin to treat him better than how they had treated him before. Nicelander Mary even bakes Ralph his own cake. Also, Ralph and Felix invite the homeless video game characters (including Q*bert) to help them out on the "bonus levels" of their game during gaming hours. This new addition has also brought newfound popularity to Fix-It Felix Jr. Ralph and Felix have also built new apartments for the new characters, making Niceland a home for them as well. Ralph is also present at the wedding of Felix and Calhoun, serving as Felix's best man and is even shown to be shedding some tears as the bride and the groom officially tie the knot. Finally, Ralph explains in his narrative that being thrown off the roof is the best part of his day due to being able to get a perfect view of Sugar Rush and of Vanellope racing. Many times, Ralph and Vanellope are able to see each other from each other's cabinet, causing the two to happily wave to each other. For that reason, Ralph concludes that having a medal is unnecessary to show that he is good, as, through Vanellope's friendship, he is able to see the goodness within his own heart.

During the end credits, it is shown that Vanellope and Calhoun regularly visit Ralph and Felix and vice versa, and the friends regularly have game-jumping adventures together.

Ralph Breaks the Internet


Ralph in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

As the setting zooms in from the arcade's parking lot to Game Central Station, Ralph is first seen with Vanellope, sitting down on a bench waiting for the sunrise, playing "I Spy". He and Vanellope have root beer at Tapper's, goof around in a virus-infected Tron and relax at a football game. As the sun rises, Litwak plugs in a new Wi-Fi router, Sonic tells him everything about it, and Surge Protector forbids anyone from entering. Ralph later accompanies Vanellope in her game, trying to create a new track for her. As soon as she was about to reach the finish line, Vanellope decides to choose to take his track, which makes the game's steering wheel fragile. Swati and Nafisa, the players, call up Litwak to fix the wheel, but it breaks in two. Litwak had no choice but to unplug it, but Swati had found one on eBay. Ralph and Vanellope help the other Sugar Rush characters get to Game Central Station, and the racers are taken in by Felix and Calhoun until Sugar Rush was repaired and plugged in again.

Ralph and Vanellope sit on the atop building of the Niceland penthouse, looking at the broken console. Later Ralph heads to Tapper's and gives Felix Vanellope's root beer, since she was not coming. Ralph then remembers they had a steering wheel on eBay and decides to go to the Internet. He finds Vanellope, and they distract Surge Protector about a fake emergency. Ralph explained why they are going to the Internet, and then Litwak's netizen avatar appears, going into a capsule that could take people to the Internet. Ralph and Vanellope follow the avatar, and they are suddenly transported into the Internet's hub. KnowsMore transports the duo to eBay. Ralph and Vanellope unknowingly spiked the price of the steering wheel to $27,001. Ralph, broke, turns to a pop-up netizen, Spamley, for help. One of the options is to loot Shank's car in a game called Slaughter Race.

In the game, Ralph creates a diversion for Shank while Vanellope takes the car. However, Shank manages to catch up with them and thwart the theft. Shank and her crew then record a video of Ralph saying "I'm gonna wreck it!" while being trapped by some hard air. Shank created a BuzzzTube account for him. He and Vanellope end up at BuzzzTube, where Yesss, the head algorithm, gives Ralph as many hearts as possible. Ralph also is seen making so many videos, and his most viewed video is his burned pie challenge video. Yesss encourages her pop-up netizens to spread the word about Ralph's videos, so that Ralph could get more views, and thus, more hearts. Vanellope decides to go to other websites as a pop-up, and Ralph chooses Oh My Disney for her because it had a castle, and Vanellope was a princess. Yesss agreed to redirect her there. Minutes later, Ralph and Yesss try to upload the final video, but it fails to load. The Eboy (the eBay mascot) tells Ralph that the steering wheel would expire in 30 minutes. Yesss tries to fix it while Ralph reads the comments, some saying that they loved him and others saying that they don't like him. Ralph was warned by Yesss not to read the comments, then tells Ralph that he made enough money to buy the steering wheel.

Ralph thanks Yesss for all her help, and Ralph calls Vanellope on his phone that Yesss has given him, and Vanellope was delighted. Ralph then later makes his way to eBay with the eBoy. At eBay, Ralph is waiting for Vanellope and sees Spamley still seen asking netizens to get rich by playing video games. Ralph then tries to call Vanellope again and sees her with Shank in Slaughter Race and tries to ask why Vanellope is there but his voice is muted. He overhears Vanellope tell Shank that she wants to stay with Shank in Slaughter Race. Ralph is crushed then becomes bitter and asks Spamley if he knows any virues that could slow down Slaighter Race. Spamley takes Ralph to the Dark Net where they are joined by his sidekick Gord. Spamley introduces Ralph to Double Dan and Little Dan, who give them "Arthur", an insecurity virus that scans for within codes and spreads them. In Slaughter Race, Arthur copies Vanellope's glitch and spreads it throughout the game causing it to deteriorate.

Ralph tries to get inside the game and look for Vanellope. Shank then tells him and Vanellope to both get out of the game as it will reboot. Ralph then picks up an unconscious Vanellope, and she awakens, angry at Ralph, when he admits that he had put the virus in to slow down the game. Ralph defends his actions by telling Vanellope that she's no better than him by revealing that when he tried to call her, she told Shank that she wanted to stay in Slaughter Race forever. Disappointed over his actions, Vanellope takes Ralph's homemade "You're My Hero" medal down to the Older Net, which breaks in two, much to his heartbreak. Unbeknownst to Ralph, "Arthur" scans him as he's heading down to retrieve the medal, and launches his insecurities out all over the Internet in the form of thousands of reddish Ralph clones. The Ralph viruses evolve minutes later, and Vanellope tries to run away. Vanellope goes to KnowsMore, and she helps him close down his site. The real Ralph appears, and he comes up with a plan, to have Vanellope lure the clones to the antivirus district so that they will be deleted. Yesss picks up Ralph and Vanellope as KnowsMore's site is damaged. When the clones form a giant Ralph, Yesss tries to evacuate Vanellope, but Vanellope gets captured by the giant Ralph.

The Giant Ralph brings Vanellope to the top of a building and Ralph arrives to fight the giant Ralph once more. The giant Ralph grabs Ralph and starts crushing him until Vanellope pleads the giant Ralph to spare him and promises she'll go with him. Ralph however overcomes his insecurities by telling them that they have to let Vanellope go and let her make her own decisions. After Ralph resolves his insecurities, the clones dissolve, causing Ralph to fall. Spamley tries to catch Ralph, but he falls through Spamley's car and gets knocked out, due to his weight. Moana, Ariel, Elsa, and the other Disney Princesses, who have been watching the battle the whole time, use their magical powers and skills to rescue Ralph, which results in him safely landing on a bed while wearing Snow White's dress. Tiana's frog, Prince Naveen, kisses him, and Ralph awakens. Ralph is shocked to meet the girls for the first time and asks who they are. The girls tell him that they were with Vanellope during her visit, and they have all become friends with her, and anyone else who is friends with Vanellope is friends with the girls, which makes Ralph their friend, too. Moana then tells Ralph "You're welcome." Ralph is grateful towards the girls.

After the battle, the netizens were saved, and Ralph then was ready to say goodbye for now to Vanellope. Shank calls Vanellope for another race, and Ralph sadly waved at Vanellope, knowing he would miss her so much. After she disappeared, he sadly walked his way back to Game Central Station. Ralph also explains the changes to himself and the arcade. The other Sugar Rush racers are able to win now and then, and players realized even without Vanellope, the game was still fun to play. He also explained how Felix and Calhoun were good parents, and he got to join Zangief's book club at Bad-Anon. Ralph then shared the burned pie he had got from the Internet with other arcade game characters. Ralph is then seen talking with Vanellope on Yesss' phone that he still has at Game Central Station, and Vanellope promised that she would visit Ralph and spend time at Tapper's. Vanellope then says goodbye and promised she would talk to her next week, and Ralph ends the call. He watches the sunrise as other characters head to their games. Felix appears, and they head to work.

In a mid-credits scene, he and Vanellope fail at winning a game of Pancake Milkshake.

In a post-credits scene, a supposed-to-be sneak peek of Frozen II turns out to be Ralph rickrolling to the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley, with Slaughter Race characters and Felix joining him. While the end logos show up, Ralph tells the audience to try to get the tune stuck in their head, and that it is a real earworm, and that there are no more surprises to show up in the film, and the film ends.

Other appearances

Ralph and Felix made special appearances in an advertisement promoting GameFly, where the duo discovered the option to rent games online, though Ralph was vocally against the idea.

Ralph can be seen on the Fix-It Felix Jr. game cabinet in the web series Disney Drive-On with The Muppets.

In the special first look for the Disney animated feature, Big Hero 6, Ralph can be seen in several promotional cameos in the outlook of the film's primary location, San Fransokyo. In the actual film, an action figure of Ralph can be seen atop the computer of Hiro Hamada. In another scene, a figurine of Ralph covered in taffy (a reference to Sugar Rush) can be seen in Fred's bedroom.

A rhinoceros version of Ralph (named "Wreck-It Rhino") appeared on the cover of Duke Weaselton's bootleg copy of Wreck-It Ralph in the film Zootopia.

A tapestry drawing of Ralph can be seen just before the credits of Moana ends, foreshadowing his film's sequel.

In the series finale of At Home With Olaf, a short clip of his first film featuring himself and Felix appears during a montage of heartwarming moments from Disney films playing in Olaf's song "I Am with You".

Ralph appears in the Simpsons short The Simpsons in Plusaversary as a Bouncer at Moe's Tavern.

In Once Upon a Studio, Ralph hits his head on the entrance door to the studio, Mickey asks him if he is okay to which he replies "Never better, Garfield" until he collapses into a trash can, just as Scar walks behind him and decries everyone as "idiots". He is seen in the group photo along with the rest of the characters from his franchise.

In Wish, Ralph was among the Disney animated characters that made cameos during the credits.

Printed media


In the spin-off comic, Wrecking Party, Ralph finds Niceland apparently abandoned on Sunday night. After searching for Felix and the other Nicelanders, he sadly heads to the dump, alone, believing the others have abandoned him, only to find the gang has thrown a surprise "Wrecking Party". To celebrate, Felix and the Nicelanders built a wall to wreck. After showing the Nicelanders the ropes on how to do so, the party continues and proves to be a success.

Other books

In Tricky Treats (part of the Disney 5-Minute Spooky Stories storybook), Ralph and Vanellope are featured in a Halloween tale set in Sugar Rush. On the night of Gloyd's Halloween party, Ralph and Vanellope accidentally come across an old Halloween-themed bonus level, ruled by the mischievous Boo Brattly; a ghost whose chaotic ways resulted in his banishment. Unfortunately, Ralph and Vanellope are unable to leave the stage unless they manage to capture Boo.

In Wreck the Halls, it is revealed that bad guys, in the grand scheme of things, are still discriminated in the arcade, except for Ralph in Niceland. To compensate, Ralph decides to throw a Christmas party for his fellow villains, with Vanellope's help.

Video games

Wreck-It Ralph

Taking place after the movie, Ralph, Felix, and Calhoun are in Sugar Rush to cheer Vanellope on for another race. Unfortunately, Ralph knocks a Cy-Bug egg into a taffy lake and rushes off to tell Felix. The Cy-Bugs hatch and immediately begin to attack Sugar Rush, eventually heading to Game Central Station. Vanellope and Calhoun evacuate with the other denizens while Ralph and Felix are given the task of destroying the bugs. Ralph and Felix journey off into Niceland, Hero's Duty, and Sugar Rush to eradicate the bugs, eventually being led to Game Central Station where they defeat the Cy-Bug Queen. After the bugs are defeated, Ralph heads to Sugar Rush to celebrate the new holiday made by Vanellope in honor of Ralph and Felix's success.

Disney Infinity series

Wreck-It Ralph Disney INFINITY Render

Ralph was added to the video game Disney Infinity on the release of 'Wave 2', along with Vanellope as a playable character. He also has a custom vehicle known as Ralph's Wrecking Truck.

In the Niceland-inspired toybox world, mini "citizen" versions of Ralph and Fix-It Felix are featured roaming about.

In the 3DS version of Disney Infinity, during Story mode in Niceland board, Ralph destroys all the houses, forcing the player to rebuild the house before Ralph destroys them again.

Disney Crossy Road

Ralph appears in the mobile app as a playable character. His normal form appears under the 'Rare' class. When a cherry is selected, Ralph can smash certain objects. Hero's Duty Ralph falls under the 'Epic' class and can shoot through obstacles. His "Wreck-It Rhino" counterpart also appears in the Zootopia set.

In promotion for Wreck-It Ralph 2 on June 30, 2016, Ralph "crashed" the game by randomly appearing throughout the stages of different franchises.[1] His appearance notably differs when appearing in the The Haunted Mansion and Finding Dory stages; in the former, he appears as a transparent ghost, while the latter features him wearing a snorkel.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode


Ralph in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

In the action RPG, Ralph is a playable character and one of the first party members. In the story, he and Vanellope unlock a game in BETA mode, only to find that its world and programs are being corrupted by an evil virus. When Vanellope falls victim to the virus, Ralph teams up with Elastigirl and Frozone to save her and other fallen heroes.

Ralph is a Front-line tank Role hero. Ralph uses his strenght to wrecks enemies with his giant fists, Ralph can punch nearby enemies, slam the ground to shake the ground, and shout at enemies. Ralph's attacks cause damage and apply in his attacks using fists stuns while his shout applies silence to enemies. Ralph also gains self-heal once his HP drops to 50%.

Ralph has friendship campaigns with Vanellope von Schweetz and Jack Sparrow. He also has friendship campaigns with Violet Parr, Sulley & Boo, and Felix.

Kingdom Hearts series

KHIII - Ralph Data Entry

Ralph appears in Kingdom Hearts III as a Link summon for Sora. When activated, he falls through a Fix-It Felix Jr. console before rising up with Sora on his shoulders. His ability, 8-Bit Blast, consists of generating platform blocks he can jump on and explode into 8-bit pieces upon smashing them, damaging enemies nearby. He can also charge enemies before using his finisher.

Ralph also appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ, as a resident of his homeworld "Niceland", a world within Game Central Station, playing a similar role to the original movie. Upon meeting the player, Ralph is initially hostile and attacks under the assumption that the player has "gone Turbo". After a boss battle, Ralph is tossed off the Niceland apartment building into the mud puddle below. He sadly collects himself and returns to the dump, where he laments his longing to be a hero, like Felix.

Later, Ralph leaves Niceland and sneaks into Cy-Bug Sector and joins Sergeant Calhoun's ranks under the guise of a native solider. Unbeknownst to Ralph, he is being pursued by the Heartless, whom the player and Chirithy believe may be spawned from Ralph's inner darkness. Within Cy-Bug Sector, Ralph sneaks into a tower in pursuit of a medal. He later finds himself being skyrocketed to Candy Kingdom, where his medal is stolen by Vanellope.

Disney Melee Mania

Ralph appears as a playable character in Disney Melee Mania.

Other video games

Ralph appears in the Sega crossover racing game Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed as one of the playable guest characters. According to the trailer, Ralph leaves Fix-It Felix, Jr. once again and, instead of trying to find a medal, enters the world of a racing game, where he joins in the race in his very own racing vehicle (that can be changed from a wrecking truck, to a hover boat and to a helicopter) with various Sega characters, including its mascot Sonic the Hedgehog who makes multiple cameo appearances in the film and in its sequel along with his arch nemesis Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Ralph even incredulously asks Sonic why he is even driving a car in the game's trailer.[2]

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Vanellope mentions Ralph when she talks about how she and Ralph built her first kart together. Additionally, Ralph's likeness is seen on several Motifs and items.

Disney Parks

Disneyland Resort

Wreckit disneyparks

Ralph (pre-2018) posing for a photo at Disneyland.

In California, Ralph and Vanellope appear in the nighttime spectacular, World of Color in Disney California Adventure in the renditions Winter Dreams and Celebrate!

Walt Disney World

From 2012 to late 2014, Ralph and Vanellope made appearances at Disney's Hollywood Studios' Magic of Disney Animation attraction and greeted fans who walked through a making of an exhibit in a Wreck-It Ralph themed area. These sessions of meet-and-greets were discontinued in 2014, to make way for Hiro Hamada and Baymax. In 2018, with the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ralph began making meet-and-greet appearances in Epcot.

Ralph and Felix also appeared in an 8-bit segment of Celebrate the Magic at the Magic Kingdom. Ralph would later briefly appear in the replacement castle show Happily Ever After, alongside Vanellope.

In the former Downtown Disney attraction DisneyQuest, a statue of Ralph was prominently featured. Ralph also served as the mascot of the facility prior to its closing.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Ralph alongside Vanellope made their debut at Tokyo Disneyland in April 2023 in the Disney Harmony in Color! Parade as part of the resort's 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Disney Cruise Line

In Vanellope's Sweets and Treats aboard the Disney Dream, Ralph has a dessert named after him called "Ralph Chocolate Covered Popcorn".


The Disney Wiki has an article focusing on the relationships of Wreck-It Ralph.


The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Wreck-It Ralph.


  • In Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph has a recurring instrumental theme which can be found as "Wreck-It Ralph" on the movie's official soundtrack.
    • Originally, much like Ariel's "Part of Your World" and Tiana's "Almost There", Ralph was meant to have an "I Want" song. During its time in production, a running gag involved Ralph never being able to finish the song, as whenever he began to sing, a character or event would interrupt.[3]
  • Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen writer Jennifer Lee once made a tweet jokingly suggesting that Elsa and Wreck-It Ralph would make a good couple during the 2013 D23 Expo. As a nod to that, in Disney Infinity, if Ralph and Elsa are introduced to one another, Ralph will tell Elsa that she is "really pretty", and Elsa will reply "And you have a warm heart."
    • In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ralph and Elsa do officially meet (Ralph also meets her sister Anna and the rest of the Disney Princesses when they all save him from falling to his doom near the climax). However, it is really just friendly talk between Ralph and Elsa, and they don't form a romance between each other.
  • Ralph was mentioned in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, as well as the 2015 Lionsgate film The DUFF.
  • During renovations of the Walt Disney Animation Studios building, beginning in 2014, Ralph was one of the character silhouettes featured on the wall mural.
  • Ralph was one of the movie characters that actor Dan Stevens used to research the psychology of a beast for his role in Beauty and the Beast.[4]
  • He is referenced in the Once Upon a Time episode "Greenbacks". After Victoria Belfrey discovers Sabine and Jacinda's newly started business, she rings a man named Ralph and asks him to "wreck it".
  • In 2018, Ralph made a surprise appearance in the video game Fortnite coinciding with the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet.
  • Though Ralph is a Disney character, he appeared in Nickelodeon's The Fairly OddParents Season 9 episode "Dumbbell Curve", specifically in the moment when the city is cheering for Timmy Turner, to which he can be seen holding a Vanellope lookalike girl.
  • Surprisingly, Ralph's act of "going Turbo" in the first film is a huge reason as to why the entirety of Sugar Rush, including one of its original characters Vanellope (who became a glitch herself), was saved from being under King Candy's rule.


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Lilo & Stitch: StitchLiloScrumpPleakleyJumbaAngelLeroyDr. HämstervielUgly DucklingSparky627GigiBabyfierYangSlushyShortstuff625AmnesioDupeSampleClipTankYinHunkahunkaPlasmoid
Silly Symphonies: Donald DuckBig Bad WolfPractical PigFiddler PigFifer PigUgly Duckling
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow WhiteEvil QueenDocGrumpyHappyBashfulSneezySleepyDopey
Pinocchio: PinocchioJiminy CricketFigaroCleoGeppettoBlue FairyHonest John and GideonLampwickMonstro
Fantasia: MickeyYen SidChernabogHyacinth HippoBen Ali Gator
Dumbo: Dumbo
Bambi: BambiThumperMiss BunnyFriend OwlThe Great Prince of the Forest
The Three Caballeros: GauchitoBurrito
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Mr. Toad
Cinderella: CinderellaJaq and GusPrince CharmingFairy GodmotherLady TremaineLuciferSuzyPerlaBruno
Alice in Wonderland: AliceMad HatterMarch HareDormouseWhite RabbitCheshire CatTweedle Dum and Tweedle DeeQueen of HeartsKing of HeartsCaterpillarDinahOysters
Peter Pan: Peter PanTinker BellWendy DarlingJohn DarlingMichael DarlingCaptain HookMr SmeeNanaTick TockTiger Lily
Lady and the Tramp: LadyTrampSi and AmJockTrustyPeg
Sleeping Beauty: AuroraPhillipMaleficentFloraFaunaMerryweatherDiabloSamsonKing StefanGoonOwlRabbit
Mary Poppins: Mary PoppinsBertPenguin Waiter • Carousel Horse
One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De VilLuckyPatchRolly
The Jungle Book: MowgliBalooBagheeraShere KhanKaaKing LouieHathi, Jr.Raksha
Pete's Dragon: Elliott
The Fox and the Hound: TodCopper
The Aristocats: MarieBerliozToulouseDuchessThomas O'Malley
The Rescuers: BernardBianca
Oliver & Company: OliverDodgerTitoRitaFrancisEinstein
The Little Mermaid: ArielFlounderSebastianEricUrsulaTritonMaxScuttle
Beauty and the Beast: BelleBeastLumiereCogsworthMrs. PottsChipMauricePhilippeGastonLeFou
Aladdin: AladdinAbuGenieJasmineJafarSultanIagoRajah
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyZeroLock, Shock, and BarrelOogie BoogieDr. FinkelsteinMayor of Halloween TownSanta Claus
The Lion King: SimbaNalaTimonPumbaaZazuRafikiScarEd
Pocahontas: PocahontasJohn SmithMeekoFlitPercy
Hercules: HerculesMegaraHades
Mulan: MulanLi ShangMushuFa ZhouKhan
The Emperor's New Groove: KuzcoYzmaKronk
Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers: Mickey MouseMinnie MouseDonald DuckGoofy
Chicken Little: Chicken Little
The Princess and the Frog: TianaDr. Facilier
Tangled: RapunzelFlynn RiderPascalMaximusMother GothelQueen AriannaKing FredericCassandra • Fidella • Pub Thug
Wreck-It Ralph: Wreck-It RalphFix-It Felix Jr.
Frozen: AnnaElsaOlafKristoffSvenHansSnowgiesBruni
Big Hero 6: HiroBaymaxFredWasabiHoney LemonGo Go TomagoTadashi HamadaYokaiMochi
Zootopia: Judy HoppsNick WildeMayor LionheartFlashYaxGazelleChief BogoClawhauserFinnickMr. BigBellwetherJerry Jumbeaux Jr.
Moana: MoanaMauiPuaHeiheiTamatoaKakamora
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: ChipDaleGadgetMonterey Jack
Phineas and Ferb: Perry
The Lion Guard: KionOnoBungaBeshteFuli
DuckTales (2017): Scrooge McDuckHuey, Dewey, and LouieWebby Vanderquack
Kingdom Hearts: SoraRikuKairiAquaXemnasAnsem, Seeker of DarknessVentusTerra • Chirithy • LeaYoung XehanortRoxas • Dark Riku • Naminé
Sofia the First: SofiaMinimusSkye
Elena of Avalor: Elena
Enchanted: Giselle
Disney Fairies: PeriwinkleRosettaSilvermist
The Sword in the Stone: WartMerlin
Oliver & Company: Oliver
Raya and the Last Dragon: RayaSisu
Twisted Wonderland: Grim
Encanto: MirabelIsabela

Toy Story: WoodyBuzz LightyearBo PeepHammAlienJessieRexBullseyeStinky PeteLotsoForkyDucky and Bunny

A Bug's Life: FlikDotHeimlich
Monsters, Inc.: SulleyMikeBooRandallCeliaRozFungusGeorge Sanderson
Cars: Lightning McQueenMaterSallyDoc HudsonJackson StormCruz RamirezMackMiss Fritter
Finding Nemo: NemoDoryMarlinCrushBruceDestinyBaileyHankSquirtNigelGillSheldonPearlDarlaCharlieJenny
Ratatouille: RemyLinguini
Up: Carl FredricksenDugKevinRussell
Brave: Merida
Inside Out: JoySadnessAngerDisgustFearBing Bong
The Good Dinosaur: Arlo
Coco (film): MiguelHéctorImelda
Onward: Ian LightfootBarley Lightfoot
Soul: Joe22
Luca: Luca
Turning Red: Mei
Lightyear: Sox
Luxo, Jr.: Luxo, Jr.

Disney Parks
MonorailWalter E. DisneyDumboMad Tea PartySplash MountainAstro OrbiterMatterhorn BobsledsThe Haunted MansionAlbertEnchanted Tiki RoomOrange BirdPirates of the CaribbeanJungle CruiseBig AlBonnie BearTower of Terror
The Avengers: Iron ManCaptain AmericaThorThe HulkBlack WidowHawkeyeFalconWar MachineWinter SoldierAnt-ManBlack PantherVisionSharon Carter

Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-ManVenomGreen GoblinMiles MoralesLizardRhinoDoctor OctopusIron SpiderSpider-GwenKraven the HunterHobgoblin
Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-LordGamoraRocket RaccoonGrootDrax
Marvel's Women of Power: WaspElektraCaptain MarvelShe-HulkSpider-Woman
Marvel Icons: DaredevilDoctor StrangeGhost RiderMs. MarvelThanos

Star Wars
Luke SkywalkerHan SoloPrincess LeiaC-3POR2-D2Moff TarkinYodaChewbaccaStormtrooperSandtrooperAT-AT DriverRed GuardTusken RaiderJawaWicketJabba the HuttGreedoObi-Wan KenobiQui-Gon JinnQueen AmidalaClone TrooperJar Jar BinksDarth MaulJango FettGeneral GrievousAayla SecuraAnakin Skywalker/Darth VaderMace WinduCount DookuPlo KoonReyFinnBB-8Kylo RenPoe DameronCaptain PhasmaFirst Order StormtrooperMaz KanataThe MandalorianThe Child
The Muppets
KermitMiss PiggyFozzie BearRowlfGonzoAnimalThe Swedish Chef

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Disney feature films
Mickey Mouse & Friends: MickeyMinnieDonald DuckDaisyPlutoGoofySteamboat Willie MickeyRetro MinnieOswald the Lucky RabbitHoliday Mickey8-Bit MickeyHoliday MinnieHoliday PlutoRose Gold MinnieRainbow MickeyVampire MickeyWitch MinnieMermaid MinnieDeep Sea MickeyCrab DonaldFairy MinnieSeashell DaisyPirate Peg-Leg PeteBirthday Baby PlutoPeppermint MinnieGardener MickeyFlower MinnieWatermelon MinnieIce Cream MickeySoft Serve DonaldSea Creature GoofyPumpkin MickeyGingerbread MickeyChristmas Clarabelle CowGarnet MinnieRainy Day DonaldAstronaut MickeyAlien PlutoPine Cone PlutoPancake GoofyBlueberry Muffin DonaldPumpkin MinnieSanta GoofyPlatinum MickeyFashion MinnieSpring Flute MickeyWinter PetePlatinum DonaldPearl DaisyPlatinum MinnieAstronaut DonaldTopiary DaisyDapper MinnieDapper Mickey

The Lion King: SimbaTimonPumbaaRafikiScarSpirit MufasaNalaShenziBaby SimbaZazuAdult SimbaPlatinum SimbaMufasaCarnelian Scar
The Little Mermaid: ArielFlounderSebastianUrsulaKing TritonPrince EricWedding ArielVanessaFlotsamAmethyst UrsulaRuby ArielScuttleKiss the Girl Ariel
Bambi: BambiThumperPretty FlowerApril Shower BambiFloral Ms. Bunny
The Aristocats: Marie
Winnie the Pooh: Winnie the PoohTiggerPigletEeyoreRabbitHoney Bee PoohFlower PigletBunny TiggerBaby Chick EeyoreHoney Cake PoohSanta PoohRooLumpy Heffalump
Pinocchio: Jiminy CricketPinocchioBlue FairyFigaroPlatinum Jiminy CricketSketch Blue Fairy
Dumbo: DumboTimothy MouseMrs. Jumbo
Peter Pan: Tinker BellPeter PanCaptain HookWendyNanaSmeeJohn DarlingSlightlyHoliday Tinker BellTopaz Tinker BellCaptain PanPrismatic Tinker Bell
Aladdin: The GenieAladdinJasmineJafarAbuRajahIagoMagic CarpetDisguised JasmineSnake JafarVacation GeniePrince AliAquamarine JasmineElephant AbuSultanBaby RajahRed Carpet GenieGenie JafarCave of WondersCelebration JasminePlatinum GenieTanzanite Cave of Wonders
Alice in Wonderland: AliceWhite RabbitCheshire CatMad HatterCaterpillarThe Queen of HeartsDoorknobKing of HeartsLittle OystersHouse AliceRoseMarch HareMr. WalrusTweedle Dee
Cinderella: CinderellaFairy GodmotherGusPrince CharmingJaqLuciferAnastasiaDrizellaLady TremaineWedding CinderellaPink Dress CinderellaHoliday CinderellaIolite Fairy Godmother
Frozen: ElsaAnnaOlafSvenKristoffMarshmallowGrand PabbieThe Fire SpiritElsa the Snow QueenQueen AnnaDiamond ElsaYoung AnnaCitrine AnnaOpal OlafPrince HansSketch Elsa
Lilo & Stitch: StitchLiloJumbaScrumpAngelShaved Ice StitchRainbow StitchNani PelekaiPlatinum StitchCobra BubblesSapphire StitchPleakleyCaptain Gantu
Zootopia: Judy HoppsNick WildeClawhauserFinnickFlashGazelle
Beauty and the Beast: BelleThe BeastLumiereCogsworthMrs. PottsChipGastonEnchantressWinter BelleFancy BeastBookworm BelleMagical EnchantressZircon BelleLeFou
Moana: MoanaMauiPuaHei HeiGramma TalaTamatoaBaby MoanaTe FitiKakamora ChiefTe KāVoyager Moana
Mulan: MulanMushuCri-KeePingShan YuLi ShangThe EmperorReflection MulanRuby MushuMelanite Mulan
Tangled: RapunzelPascalFlynn RiderMaximusTiara RapunzelMother GothelWedding MaximusBaby Rapunzel
Sleeping Beauty: AuroraPrince PhillipMaleficentFloraFaunaMerryweatherWinter AuroraDragon MaleficentBriar RosePeridot MaleficentThe Raven
The Jungle Book: BalooKaaKing LouieMowgliShere KhanBagheera
Fantasia: Sorcerer's Apprentice MickeyYen SidChernabogPlatinum Sorcerer's Apprentice MickeySpring Sprite
One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De VilPerditaPatchWinter Cruella
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyZeroOogie BoogieSanta JackDr. FinkelsteinThe MayorChristmas SallyMan-Eating WreathLockShockBarrel
Pocahontas: PocahontasFlitMeekoPercyGrandmother WillowGovernor RatcliffeColors of the Wind Pocahontas
Big Hero 6: Hiro HamadaBaymaxPlatinum BaymaxHoney Lemon
Wreck-It Ralph: VanellopeRalphYesssFix-It Felix Jr.CalhounKing CandyPixel Ralph
The Princess and the Frog: TianaLouisRayDr. FacilierAlmost There TianaPrince NaveenPlatinum TianaCharlotte La Bouff
Lady and the Tramp: LadyTramp
Hercules: HerculesMegPegasusHadesPhilZeusBaby PegasusBaby Hercules
The Emperor's New Groove: KuzcoKronkPachaYzmaYzma Kitty
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow WhiteDopeyMagic MirrorThe Evil QueenGrumpyThe PrinceSleepyDocWinter Snow WhiteThe WitchObsidian Snow WhitePlatinum Snow WhiteBashfulSneezyPurple Diamond Dopey
The Rescuers: BernardBiancaMadame Medusa
Robin Hood: Robin HoodMaid MarianLady KluckLittle JohnSir HissPrince John
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Mr. Toad
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: EsmeraldaQuasimodoHugoFrollo
The Sword in the Stone: ArthurArchimedesMerlinMadam MimSugar BowlYoung Mim
Mickey's Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit MickeyGhost of Jacob MarleyEbenezer Scrooge McDuckTiny TimEmily Cratchit MinnieGhost of Christmas Future Pete
A Goofy Movie: MaxVacation GoofyPowerlineRoxannePJ
Raya and the Last Dragon: RayaSisuTuk TukNamaariHuman Sisu
The Three Caballeros: JoséPanchitoCaballero Donald
Encanto: MirabelAntonioLuisaBrunoIsabelaPlatinum MirabelAlma MadrigalCamiloDolores
Bolt: Bolt
The Fox and the Hound: TodCopper
The Great Mouse Detective: Professor Ratigan
Pixie Hollow: SilvermistIridessaRosettaFawn
Treasure Planet: John Silver
The Black Cauldron: The Horned King
Oliver & Company: Oliver
Wish: AshaValentinoStar

Disney animated shows
DuckTales: Scrooge McDuckLaunchpad McQuackWebby VanderquackGizmoduckMagica De SpellHueyDeweyLouie

Darkwing Duck: Darkwing Duck
Rescue Rangers: ChipDaleGadgetMonterey JackDevil DaleAngel Chip
Gargoyles: GoliathBronxDemona
The Proud Family: Penny ProudSuga Mama
Kim Possible: Kim Possible
Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Zummi Gummi

Monsters, Inc.: MikeSulleyRandallCeliaRozBoo

Toy Story: WoodyBuzz LightyearAlienJessieBullseyeBo PeepForkyRexDuke CaboomHammMrs. NesbitZurgLotsoPlatinum WoodyBunnyStinky PeteFluorite Buzz
Finding Nemo/Finding Dory: NemoDoryHankCrushBruceBaby DoryDestinyBaileyPearlPlatinum NemoDarla
Cars: Lightning McQueenCruz RamirezJackson StormMater
Inside Out: JoySadnessAngerDisgustFearBing BongRainbow UnicornSapphire JoyAnxietyEmbarrassment
Coco: Miguel RiveraHéctorDanteImeldaPepitaAlebrije DanteErnestoMama CocoDisguised MiguelPlatinum Miguel
Ratatouille: RemyAnton EgoAlfredo LinguiniAuguste Gusteau
The Incredibles: Mr. IncredibleMrs. IncredibleJack-JackVioletDashFrozoneEdna ModeSyndrome
A Bug's Life: FlikPrincess AttaHeimlich
Brave: MeridaYoung MeridaQueen Elinor
Up: DugRusselCarlKevinAlphaHeadphones Dug
Onward: IanBarleyThe Manticore
Soul: Joe22
Luca: LucaAlberto
Turning Red: Meilin LeeRed Panda MeiAbby ParkRed Panda Ming Lee
Lightyear: Captain LightyearSox
Pixar Shorts: Bao
Elemental: EmberWade
Alien Remix: Monsters Inc. AlienIncredibles Alien

Disney video games
Kingdom Hearts: SoraAquaCaptain GoofyRoyal Magician Donald
Disney live-action films
Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Jack SparrowBarbossaDavy JonesElizabeth SwannPrison DogTia Dalma

Descendants: Mal
Hocus Pocus: Winifred SandersonMary SandersonSarah SandersonBinxBilly ButchersonYoung WinifredThe Book
Mary Poppins: Mary PoppinsBertJolly Holiday Mary Poppins
Enchanted: GiselleWedding Giselle
Jungle Cruise: FrankLily Houghton
The Little Mermaid: King TritonAriel
Cruella: Masquerade Cruella
The Santa Clause: Scott CalvinBernard the Elf
Maleficent: Maleficent

Disney live-action shows
The Golden Girls: Rose NylundBlanche DevereauxSophia PetrilloDorothy Zbornak
Disney Parks
The Haunted Mansion: Hatbox GhostMadame LeotaThe BrideHitchhicker Ghost PhineasConstance

Matterhorn Bobsleds: Abominable Snowman
Journey Into Imagination: FigmentSketch FigmentRainbow Figment
Main Street Electrical Parade: Electrical Parade ElliottElectrical Parade MinnieElectrical Parade Tinker BellElectrical Parade Cheshire CatElectrical Parade Blue FairyElectrical Parade GenieElectrical Parade Nemo
World of Color: World of Color Mickey

Disney Theatrical Productions
The Lion King: Broadway Mufasa
The Muppets
The Muppets: Kermit the FrogFozzie BearSwedish ChefMiss PiggyGonzoAnimal

The Muppet Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit KermitMiss Piggy Emily Cratchit
Muppets Haunted Mansion: Madame PigotaGauzey the Hatbox Bear

Star Wars: ReyFinnBB-8Kylo RenLuke SkywalkerPrincess LeiaThe MandalorianGroguChewbaccaHondoFirst Order StormtrooperHan SoloR2-D2Cara DuneMoff GideonDeath TrooperPoe DameronC-3POBoba FettJabba the HuttAnakin Skywalker/Darth VaderQueen AmidalaDarth MaulFennec ShandAhsoka TanoJedi AnakinGeneral GrievousYodaLando CalrissianEmperor PalpatineGrand Moff TarkinK-2SOJyn ErsoCassian AndorObi-Wan KenobiGrand InquisitorWicketJedi Master LukeImperial StormtrooperBo-KatanCad BanePlatinum GroguSalacious CrumbBoushh Disguise LeiaRancorSabine WrenC1-10PMace WinduJar Jar BinksAdmiral AckbarHera SyndullaAdmiral AckbarEmerald YodaMeadow PadméEndor Rebel Leia

Indiana Jones: Indiana JonesMarion RavenwoodHelena1969 Indiana Jones
Willow: WillowKit

20th Century Studios
Ron's Gone Wrong: RonBarney

Ice Age: ScratSidMannyDiego
Anastasia: Anastasia RomanovRasputin
Titanic: RoseJack

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Disney feature films
A Goofy Movie: PowerlineMax Goof

Aladdin: AladdinGenieJafarJasmineRajahAbu
Alice in Wonderland: Alice Mad HatterQueen of HeartsCheshire Cat
Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Kida NedakhVincenzo SantoriniHelga SinclairMilo ThatchAudrey Ramirez
Beauty and the Beast: GastonBeastBelleLumiereCogsworth
Big Hero 6: Hiro HamadaBaymaxHoney LemonWasabiGo Go TomagoFred
Bolt: Bolt
Cinderella: Fairy GodmotherCinderella
Frozen: ElsaOlafKristoffSvenAnna
Hercules: HadesHerculesMegaraZeusPhiloctetesPegasus
Lilo & Stitch: StitchPleakleyJumbaAngelLilo Pelekai
Meet the Robinsons Bowler Hat GuyDOR-15
Mickey Mouse & Friends Mickey MouseGoofyMinnie MousePlutoPeteDaisy Duck
Moana: MoanaMaui
Mulan: Fa MulanLi ShangShan YuMushu
One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De Vil
Peter Pan: Peter PanCaptain Hook
Pocahontas: PocahontasMeeko
Raya and the Last Dragon: RayaSisuNamaari
Robin Hood: Robin HoodSheriff of NottinghamLittle John
Sleeping Beauty: MaleficentAuroraPrince Phillip
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Evil QueenSnow White
Tangled: RapunzelFlynn RiderMaximusMother GothelStabbington Brothers
The Black Cauldron: The Horned King
The Emperor's New Groove: YzmaKronkPachaKuzco
The Great Mouse Detective: Basil of Baker Street
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: EsmeraldaQuasimodoPhoebus
The Jungle Book: King LouieBalooBagheeraKaaShere Khan
The Lion King: ScarRafikiTimonPumbaaSimbaNala
The Little Mermaid: ArielUrsulaKing Triton
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyOogie BoogieLock, Shock, and BarrelMayor of Halloween Town
The Princess and the Frog: Dr. FacilierTianaLouis
The Rescuers Down Under: Percival C. McLeach
The Sword in the Stone: MerlinMadam Mim
Treasure Planet: Captain AmeliaJim HawkinsJohn Silver
Wreck-It Ralph: Wreck-It RalphVanellope von SchweetzFix-It Felix Jr.Sergeant CalhounShank
Winnie the Pooh: Winnie the PoohTiggerEeyore
Zootopia: Judy HoppsNick WildeYax FinnickChief BogoClawhauserKoslovMr. BigBellwether

Disney animated shows
Amercian Dragon: Jake Long: Jake LongRose
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Chip and DaleGadget HackwrenchZipper

Darkwing Duck: Darkwing DuckMegavoltQuackerjackNegaduck
DuckTales: Scrooge McDuckDonald DuckHuey, Dewey, and LouieFenton CrackshellLaunchpad McQuackMagica De Spell
Gargoyles: GoliathDemona
Kim Possible: Kim PossibleDr. DrakkenShegoRon StoppableRufusDuff KilliganMonkey Fist
Phineas and Ferb: Agent PHeinz Doofenshmirtz
The Owl House: Eda ClawthorneLuz Noceda

A Bug's Life: FlikHopper

Brave: Merida
Coco: Miguel RiveraDante
Finding Nemo: GeraldMarlinNemoHankDory
Inside Out: AngerJoySadnessDisgustFear
Luca: Luca PaguroAlberto Scorfano
Monsters, Inc.: James P. SullivanBooMike WazowskiRandall Boggs
Onward: Ian LightfootCorey the ManticoreBarley Lightfoot
Ratatouille: Alfredo LinguiniRemyColette TatouChef Skinner
Soul: 22
The Incredibles: Mr. IncredibleElastigirlDash ParrViolet ParrJack-Jack ParrFrozoneSyndromeThe UnderminerVoyd
Toy Story: WoodyBuzz LightyearJessieRexEmperor ZurgBo PeepBilly, Goat, and GruffDuke CaboomDucky and BunnySlinky DogHamm
Turning Red: Mei Lee
Up: Carl FredricksenDugRussellKevin

Disney live-action films
Hocus Pocus: Winifred SandersonSarah SandersonMary SandersonThackery BinxBilly Butcherson

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack SparrowHector BarbossaTia DalmaDavy Jones
The Rocketeer: Cliff Secord
Tron: Kevin FlynnQuorraTron

The Muppets
AnimalMiss PiggyGonzoDr. Bunsen HoneydewBeakerKermit the FrogThe Swedish ChefFozzie BearStatler and WaldorfSweetums

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Disney Dreamlight Valley (soundtrack)
Aladdin: Jafar

Beauty and the Beast: BeastBelleGaston
Cinderella: Fairy Godmother
Encanto: Mirabel Madrigal
Frozen: AnnaElsaKristoffOlaf
Lilo & Stitch: Stitch
Mickey Mouse & Friends:Mickey MouseMinnie MouseDonald DuckDaisy DuckGoofyScrooge McDuckFigaro
Moana: MoanaMauiPuaHeihei
Monsters, Inc.: James P. SullivanMike Wazowski
Mulan: Fa Mulan
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Ratatouille: Remy
Tangled: RapunzelMother Gothel
The Lion King: SimbaNalaScar
The Little Mermaid: ArielPrince EricUrsula
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington
The Sword in the Stone: Merlin
Toy Story: WoodyBuzz Lightyear
Wreck-It Ralph: Vanellope von Schweetz

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Disney Speedstorm
Mickey Mouse & Friends: Mickey MouseDonald DuckGoofyMinnie MouseDaisy DuckSteamboat Pete

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: OswaldOrtensia
The Jungle Book: MowgliBaloo
Journey Into Imagination: Figment
The Little Mermaid: ArielEricKing TritonUrsula
Beauty and the Beast: BelleBeastGaston
Aladdin: AladdinJasmineGenieJafar
Hercules: HerculesMegaraHades
Mulan: Fa MulanLi Shang
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack SparrowElizabeth Swann
Toy Story: WoodyBuzz LightyearBo PeepJessie
Monsters, Inc.: James P. SullivanMike WazowskiCelia MaeRandall Boggs
Lilo & Stitch: StitchLilo PelekaiJumba JookibaCaptain GantuAngel
Frozen: AnnaElsaHansKristoffOlaf
Wreck-It Ralph: Wreck-It RalphVanellope von SchweetzFix-It Felix Jr.Sergeant CalhounKing Candy
The Muppets: Kermit the Frog
Inside Out: JoySadnessAngerFearDisgust

The Bare NecessitiesBeauty and the BeastBundle of JoyGastonThe Gospel TruthHawaiian Roller Coaster RideHe Mele No LiloI'll Make a Man Out of YouIf I Didn't Have YouMickey Mouse MarchMinnie's Yoo HooOne Jump AheadPart of Your WorldSteamboat BillTrust in MeA Whole New WorldYo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)You've Got a Friend in MeDo You Want to Build a Snowman?Let It GoUnder the SeaWhen Can I See You Again?Zero to Hero