Writing Magic with Figment and Alice in Wonderland is a 1989 educational Disney animated/live-action short produced for the Language Arts Through Imagination series starring Figment from Journey into Imagination and characters from Alice in Wonderland.


While reading his favorite book, "Alice In Wonderland", Andy discovers that all signs of Alice are missing from his book. Alice has taken another wrong turn and ended up in Figonia! How will she get back to Wonderland? Through Figment's magic screen, cartoon characters reveal that to return, Alice must write a new story. Andy, Figment, and some of Alice's friends from Wonderland create a new story to "write" Alice back to Wonderland. As you might expect, in Figonia the story becomes real as it's told.

The audience is introduced to the techniques used to bring a story to life; brainstorming, writing, and rewriting are the keys to solving Alice's dilemma.


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