Wrongo is the primary antagonist of the "Tex Tinstar" segments of The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show. He is the leader of a gang of outlaws known as the "Wrong Riders".

Wrongo first appeared in the first episode of Tex Tinstar entitled "A Fistful of Foodstamps". Here, he arrived on a modern train to the 19th century Wild West town of Bonehead, with the other two members of his posse, Ian and Clem brimming with excitement awaiting their bosses' return and arrival. It was implied that Tex Tinstar ran him out of town for an extended period of time for previous crimes he committed that were not revealed. After being greeted by an elated Ian and asked what their first "job" would be proceeding the three men reuniting, Wrongo said that he wanted to get revenge on Tinstar, and they took off towards down town Bonehead on their mounts (Wrongo riding his demonic, flaming horse complete with a skull for a head a pointed tail and Ian and Clem sharing a tiny donkey) to confront Tex. It was shown that Wrongo was feared and loathed in Bonehead due to whatever heinous acts he did in the past, as when Tex was asking for volunteers to defend Bonehead from him after getting word of his return, virtually everyone in town, except Tex, fleed in terror and horror. Not much longer after that, Wrongo and the other two Wrong Riders, Ian and Clem, showed up to face Tex in a showdown, to which even Bonehead's Deputy Chafe did not want to participate in. Tex told Wrongo that he banished him from Bonehead forever, but Wrongo didn't care. Abandoned, Tex tried to single handedly defend Bonehead, but Wrongo resorted to cheating Tex underhandedly by tricking him when they faced off in a "pistol" duel. Having his two henchman subdue and disarm Tex, tying him up, Wrongo hauled Tex off to an abandoned barn to kill him, describing his sadistic, wicked plan, involving having Tex mauled by "rabid badgers", exploded with dynamite, being blown from a cannon and blasted into a pool of man eating sharks, finally mailing his remains to Tunisia. Wrongo then left Tex to die, robbing, looting, pillaging and plundering all of Bonehead. Most notably, stealing a safe from the town bank. Successful in their robberies, by the time Tex Tinstar and Deputy Chafe (who saved Tex) showed up, everything was gone and the two lawmen were blamed, scorned and were disgraced by the residents of Bonehead, with Wrongo and the Wrong Riders to blame for ruining Texs good reputation in the small, quaint desert town.

Wrongo and the Wrong Riders then tried to bust open the safe to no success, until Wrongo found the man that he knew knew the combination, Percy Lacedaisy, who worked at the Bonehead Bank they'd robbed. After ambushing and holding up his stagecoach, Wrongo abducted the cowardly Lacedaisy (who was so much of a wimp he surrendered immediately and offered them his wife if they would not hurt him), having Clem and Ian drag him through the desert by a rope. Repeatedly threatening to "jog" Lacedaisy's memory (by having Clem beat him up), Wrongo tried to pry the combination out of him through interrogation and violence. When Tex was revealed to have survived, Wrongo was already threatening to kill Lacedaisy by strapping him to a dynamite saddled wagon and pushing him down a cliff into a nearby forest fire when he felt like he refused to talk. Seeing Tex and his partner, Deputy Chafe having come to arrest him and his minions, Wrongo decided to kill two birds with one stone, and tie them all to the wagon, and drove it down the cliff. Having given up on the wimpy Lacedaisy, (ironically believing him to be too "tough" to reveal the combination to the safe, when he was really too scared to do it) anyway, Wrongo, Ian and Clem rode off to the next town, "Lost Dangleless" (Los Angeles), to contact famous safecracker Crusty Rustknuckle, leaving Tex, Chafe and Percy to fall to their deaths.

Arriving in Lost Dangleless, Ian noted how dangerous the town looked, and asked his boss how and where they would ever find Rustknuckle. Wrongo, however, knew exactly, the "Dead Duck Saloon", a saloon full of roughhousers, scallywags and ruffians... who all gathered there to read books. After being "served", Wrongo inquired a "bartender" if Crusty Rustknuckle was there and was directed to the safecracker (revealed to be tiny, which Wrongo made the mistake of pointing out to the sensitive, yet aggressive man). Wrongo, Ian and Clem took him out back behind the bar to assist them in opening the safe. However, night had fallen and it was getting dark, so Wrongo asked his dimwitted crony, Clem to light a match. However, in his incompetence, the darkness and due to how small Crusty was, Clem mistook him for a match, trying to "strike" him on the matchbox, injuring his head to the point of decapitating him and loosing his head in the dark. The Wrong Riders then searched all over for Crusty's head, unaware thar Tex, Chafe and Percy had made it to the Dead Duck to hunt them down, by suggestion of Floyd the Insane Rattlesnake (who helped Tex and the others from last time and was scheduled to perform a comedy act at the saloon, which he ended up failing miserably). The Wrong Riders finally found Rustknuckles' head, and, playing as surgeons, attemped to reattach it to his body. However, in Ian and Clem's stupidity, they put Crusty's head on backwards, to both Wrongos annoyance and Crusty's rage. Crusty refused to help the Wrong Riders until they fixed him up and got him back to normal, threatening them with violence and intimidating the three scary men. When Crusty forced them back inside the Dead Duck, Wrongo inadvertently spotted Percy Lacedaisy reading a comic book at the bar and realized he, Tex and Chafe survived his attempt to kill them, to his shock and rage. Tex and Wrongo duked it out once more, with Wrongo again cheating and fighting Tex dishonorably. As Chafe called them out as cowards, Ian beat him up using similar tactics as Wrongo. In the scuffle, Crusty was decapitated again and Wrongo and Tex escaped to the restroom, where they jumped into the bathtub of a bathing man. In the water, which was a literal ocean, Wrongo tied Tex to the mast of a shipwreck and called upon sharks to once again devour Tex, as he watched in sadistic pleasure, but the sharks turned on Wrongo instead. Tex, having been saved by Floyd, returned to find the Dead Duck in ruins, and everyone surprisingly beaten up by a headless Crusty, who had been called small (again, something he disliked greatly) and was making off with the safe for himself. When Tex asked him to return it (calling him small) he beat him up too and rode off with Texs horse, Here Boy. Wrongo, enraged by this and still recovering from the sharks, called upon a beaten Ian and Clem to go after both Crusty and Tex, Chafe and Floyd, once again kidnapping Percy Lacedaisy, deeming him worthy of being kept alive this time (for now).

As the Wrong Riders were tracking down Crusty Rustknuckle with the safe and Tex, Chafe and Floyd, they ended up going at it all day and when night fell, they settled down as all the others did, respectively. Wrongo shoved Percy into an anthill to "keep him quiet" as Clem accidentally "put out" the flames on Wrongo's horse with water from their canteen. After turning on the gas on on it and fighting with Ian over matches, Wrongo ended up blowing them up accidentally. Later, he darkly read Goldilocks and the Three Bears to Ian and Clem from "Mudda Goose" until they all fell asleep. When Tex and Chafe found Here Boy, he revealed Crusty was eaten by "Polite Coyotes", however now the safe was able to be recovered by them. On the way back to Bonehead, Tex and Chafe inadvertently ran into the Wrong Riders (who were still asleep) again by chance and woke them. Wrongo, with his eyes still on the safe, held Percy hostage and threatened to torture him (as he literally proceeded to) if Tex didn't hand over the safe and back off. After beating the daylights out of Mr. Lacedaisy, putting a beehive on his head, a crocodile or alligator down his pants, cramming a bomb into his mouth and lighting the fuse and blowing him up, he finally was going to blast Percy out of a cannon into a tank of piranhas (which, ironically, a disgusted and appalled Tex foolishly suggested to him by questioning his morality). However, due to a freak accident on another planet, involving an alien trying to cure a disease, an asteroid hit Earth, crashing into the group and forcing them completely through the Earth, sending Wrongo, Ian and Clem and the others into space towards the sun. Begging Tex to save them, Wrongo panicked helplessly in fear, and after Tex rescued everyone by lassoing the moon after presumably getting the idea from seeing Floyd, slingshotting them back to Earth, Clem ended up making the asteroid crush them by trying to not be smashed by it by Wrongo's suggestion they all move from the bottom to the top, but knocked out Tex, Chafe and Floyd when they crashed back to Earth (Clem's weight was just enough to throw off the asteroids impact point, making Wrongo's idea pointless and fail). Wrongo then tied Tex, Chafe and Floyd to posts, inviting the Polite Coyotes (who killed Crusty Rustknuckle) to a "dinner party" where they would eat the sheriff, deputy and diamondback rattlesnake in style. With Tex "defeated", Wrongo, Ian and Clem rode off with the safe, back to square one due to Rustknuckle, who hated them now anyway, dead and Percy Lacedaisy still being trapped in outer space to be forgotten, being the only one who was separated from the group in this fashion. As the coyotes arrived and had their butler and maids prepare their "dinner", Wrongo and the Riders attempted to break the safe miles away, bashing it with bats and clubs. However, as Floyd was about to be devoured after the coyotes decided to eat him first, Percy reentered the atmosphere and landed on the coyotes and Floyd, and the sissy city slicker caused all of them to be charred and crushed by him, defeating them and after freeing Tex and Chafe and saving their lives, the latter commented on how Percy never seized to surprise them. Tex and Chafe rode off to hunt down the Wrong Riders for one final showdown. Discovering them unsuccessfully trying to break the safe, Tex and Chafe fashioned a giant catapult aimed at the Wrong Riders as Ian commented to Wrongo that Tex was dead for sure by now. However, Wrongo spotted Tex, to his horror and frustration, to still be alive as he told his henchmen to run for their lives with the safe, but Tex and Chafe already launched a massive boulder at them, crushing them alive and recovering the safe. As Tex and Chafe rode back to Bonehead to clear their good names and return the safe to Percy's bank, Wrongo once more vowed revenge on Tex Tinstar, to which the Polite Coyotes begged to differ was highly unlikely, as they covered the trapped outlaw and his partners with ketchup, preparing to eat them, which it was heavily implied they succeeded in doing.



  • His name is a pun as because he's a villain what he's doing is wrong, or "Wrongo" as some would say.
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