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Xandra is a major character from Legend of the Three Caballeros. The Goddess of Adventure, she serves as a guide for Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles, and José Carioca on their globetrotting adventures, she is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Xandra is the keeper of the magical Golden Atlas, which connects many mythological realms throughout the cosmos together. Long ago, the dark sorcerer Felldrake imprisoned her in the atlas, forcing her to take him to these different realms and build an army of monsters to conquer the world. He was foiled by the original Three Caballeros and sealed away, with Xandra joining them on adventures to undo the damage he did and seek a way to break the spell on her. In one fierce battle though, her book was closed and stuck shut, remaining in Clinton Coot's collection for many years. Eventually, Coot's cabana was inherited by Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles and José Carioca, who she decided to help train as the next generation of the Three Caballeros.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Being a goddess and being connected to the Atlas, Xandra has several magic abilities. One of them was generating a yellow mystical barrier that kelp Felldrake out when her book was first open in years.
  • Energy Bow Manifestation: Being the Goddess of Adventure, Xandra is a skilled warrior, usually armed with a mystical bow she can summon at will and aim with utmost precision. Her arrows are made of light energy.
  • Teleportation: Being the Goddess of Adventure, Xandra has the ability to teleport anywhere. It is unknown if this ability was hers or she has this ability due to her connection with the Magical Atlas as, her divine power seems to manifesting through the book allowed it to teleport its wielder to any number of magically significant locations on Earth.
  • Super Strength: Xandra is extremely strong. She demonstrated this various times as she held a statue at New Quackmore institute without not strain.


  • Golden Atlas: Xandra is the keeper of the magical golden atlas of wonders that connects with many mythological realms throughout the cosmos together. This gives her extensive knowledge to magical creatures, locations, items and phenomenon. After Felldrake placed an ancient and powerful curse to trap Xandra within the Magical Atlas. Xandra could now only manifest if the book was held open, blinking out of existence whenever it was closed. Threatening to shut the book forever will essentially erasing her from existence, unless there is a bookmark in the book.


  • "Xandra" is a diminutive form of the name "Alexandra" (the feminine form of Alexander); the name has the meaning of "one who comes to save warriors" or "battle-prowess", similar to Xandra's warrior nature.
  • Xandra appears to function as the show's animated equivalent to the various live-action women that appeared in the Three Caballeros film.
  • Xandra was originally to have been an adaptation of the Greek mythological character Atalanta before it was decided she was too much of a deviation from the source material and they chose to create a new goddess character instead.
  • It unknown why the original Three Caballeros never opened her book again and placed it in a temple. However it was implied that her book was lost and the original Three Caballeros spent their life trying to find it but they couldn't (plus they had to undo some of Felldrake's mess) until they reach an old age. Another theory is that a tribe found it and placed it in a temple.


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