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Xavier is a deleted character from earlier versions of Disney's 2010 animated feature Tangled.[1] He later appeared as a recurring character in Tangled: The Series.


Xavier is a local blacksmith in the kingdom of Corona. Outside of his legitimate business, he serves as a sage-like figure, with a love for Coronan myths and legends. Princess Rapunzel and her allies often consult him when trouble arises relating to Corona's preternatural past, as most citizens disregard magic like a fairy tale. Because of this, Xavier plays a vital role in protecting the kingdom from supernatural threats.

Role in the series

Season One

Xavier appears in the episode "Under Raps", when Rapunzel and Eugene visit him late at night to fix Andrew's necklace. Xavier is surprised that Rapunzel would want it to be fixed considering what its emblem represents, but this confuses Rapunzel, who believes it represents love. Xavier tells Rapunzel that whoever told her that was lying. He then reveals that the emblem truly represents the Separatists of Saporia, an ancient organization bent on destroying Corona.

He appears again in "Big Brothers of Corona" as one of the Silent Striker's victims, as he was robbed of his hard-earned money when he had his back was turned while giving a customer her change. Eugene and Lance asked him about the theft while they were interviewing those that were also robbed, and find a connection that could help them set a trap for the thief. His and Corona's other riches were later returned by the thieves.

When a heavy snowstorm comes to Corona in "Queen for a Day", Xavier tells its people about an old legend of an icy curse that was placed on Corona years ago by the evil warlock, Zhan Tiri. Along with the massive subterranean machine that was built by Lord Demanitus used both magic and science that had ended Zhan Tiri's storm and saved the kingdom, when Rapunzel asked about the chances of the story being true; Xavier simply replies that all legends must have come from somewhere. Indicating that there could be true to the story. With the storm getting worse Rapunzel chose to trust Xavier's story and asked him if he had any idea where the machine could be; in which he did and brought Rapunzel, Pascal, and Cassandra to it. After the storm had stopped and the three believed Pascal to be gone when he unjammed the machine to help them save Corona, Xavier is the first of them to see that he had survived.

In, "Painter's Block", Xavier starts hearing a strange female voice that causes him to look up information about the machine in a book. When he investigates Mrs. Sugarby's painting class after dark he realizes who she really is, but is captured by Sugarby before he can escape. When Eugene and Cassandra find him he quickly explains that Ms. Sugarby is actually an evil spirit, released from her prison by using the machine. She plans to use her class to perform a ritual to open a portal to release her imprisoned master. After getting a location from him Eugene and Cassandra leave.

In "Not in the Mood", Xavier observes the trio having difficulties getting along. He offers Maximus and Pascal a potion to reverse their friends' personalities for a few hours, warning them not to use more than three drops. Later he is very upset to learn that his instructions weren't obeyed, not realizing it wasn't the animals' fault. He sends them to fetch a special plant so he can make the antidote. However, he later gets knocked out by the animals leaving them to make the antidote on their own.

Season Three

A year after Rapunzel and her friends left Corona to follow the black rocks, Xavier served as the ringleader behind a small group of Coronans who have resisted Varian's hostile takeover of the kingdom. After Rapunzel and her friends return from their journey in "Rapunzel's Return", Xavier is overjoyed to see them and assures his followers that the game has now changed in their favor.

Xavier is mentioned by King Edmund at the end of "Return of the King". After a sash that Edmund intends to pass down to his son Eugene as a family heirloom is destroyed, Edmund makes him a new sash with assistance from Xavier.

In "The Lost Treasure of Herz Der Sonne", Xavier and the other are rebuilding the Corona Castle's Throne Room, which was damaged from the events of "Rapunzel's Return". Later, he partners with Varian during the treasure hunt. Xavier had a habit of telling stories of legends, which Varian finds to be annoying at first. But after defeating the mummies that guarded the treasure, the two become good friends.

In "Plus Est En Vous", Xavier is among the citizens who are accidentally sucked into the Lost Realm through a portal that Varian has rebuilt to imprison Zhan Tiri. After being stuck in the realm for some time, he and the others are rescued by Quirin, but the portal is then crushed by debris from Zhan Tiri transforming into a demon. Xavier then joins the citizens of Corona and the Brotherhood in the battle against Zhan Tiri, but like everyone else, he is weakened by the demon's Decay Incantation and is later revived by Rapunzel's Healing Incantation following Zhan Tiri's defeat.


  • In earlier versions of the original film Tangled, Xavier was to appear as a supporting character and sidekick to Rapunzel, though he was scrapped. This makes him the first deleted character to become a canon figure within the franchise down the line.



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