Yakul is Ashitaka's loyal red elk in the 1997 Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke.



Yakul has a gentle watchful nature. He is loyal to Ashitaka and refuses to leave his side on many occasions.

He has a good sense of the nature of the humans, animals and spirits around him and often is used as an indicator of the safety of his human companions.


Yakul is a large red elk with a reindeer like build, the horns of an ibex and long powerful deer like legs.

His fur is a bright orange-red color with creamy yellow fur on his throat and stomach extending part way down the upper insides of his legs as well as in small patches in his inner ear, on his forhead and the tip of his muzzle. He has a bright red nose and dark brown cloven hooves resembling that of a deer. His tail is short like that of an elk though his neck is longer than most deer species alive today.

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