"Yes Men" is the fifteenth episode of the ABC/Marvel series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It premiered on March 11, 2014.


Lorelei, and the man she seduced stop at a roadside gas station in the desert. He goes into the store as Lorelei confronts a biker gang there. Upon a single touch, their leader Rooster swears the entire gang's allegiance to her. She hits her original devotee one time, sending him flying and asks to be introduced to her men.

At the bus, Skye tries to get up from her hospital bed, but "Dr. Simmons" will not allow her to get up. Skye insists that she is good, but Simmons says that her patient is merely better, as she takes a blood sample. Skye becomes suspicious of all of the samples Simmons has been taking, but she tells Jemma that she is extremely grateful. Ward visits Skye to tell her that he is happy to see her better now. He commends her for her bravery and for finding out that Mike Peterson is still alive. She vows to begin training intensely as soon as she has recuperated.

In the lab, Simmons runs a test on Skye's blood in order to test for any adverse effects on her cells. Simmons is still unable to find any. She wants to develop the GH-325 drug to aid other critical cases, but Coulson has expressed his trepidation with it.

Coulson, while taking some personal days, meets up with Agent Sitwell to possibly find out about Director Fury's location. Though the agency head is in hiding, Sitwell has no clue where to find him.

May debriefs the agents of their new mission objective: to research strange signals, like those from New Mexico and London, which often herald the oncoming of an Asgardian. They fly to the location in the desert and a portal from Asgard touches down directly in front of their vehicles. A female Asgardian warrior appears, and upon a facial scan, Fitz determines that she was present during the events in New Mexico. The warrior realizes that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are on her side and introduces herself as "Lady Sif of Asgard", telling them that their world is in much danger.

She is taken to the bus, where she is shocked to see Coulson after Thor told her Coulson died. He asks her to keep Coulson's revival a secret and to allow him to tell Thor. Sif informs the agents of Lorelei's abilities to control men. She shows them her device that will leave Lorelei unable to talk and thus unable to manipulate anyone. They begin to track police records of thefts in Lorelei's likely area.

In a bar owned by Rooster, Lorelei is confused by the paper money brought to her by her minions, because she expected gold. Rooster's wife rushes in, angry that her husband is with a woman who is wearing her clothes. To prove his allegiance to Lorelei, Rooster chokes and kills his wife.

Sif searches through S.H.I.E.L.D. files on Fitz-Simmons' holotable. Coulson asks her if she knows of any blue alien lifeforms who were on the earth recently. After seeing that Lorelei is building an army of males, the agents and Asgardian head to the biker bar where these wen are. Fitz unveils his new modified Night-night pistols, which he wants to be known as I.C.E.R.s, much to Ward and May's liking.

The team drives up to the bar and ask the police what they know, only to find out that they are now on Lorelei's side. The two officers begin firing on the agents.

Using her strength, Sif moves an airstream to block them so that the officers can be taken out with the night-night guns. Sif goes inside to take out Lorelei and Grant runs to guard the back door to prevent anyone from escaping. Lorelei bends the will of the men in the bar to fight Sif, as she escapes through the back door. Ward fights Rooster, and after knocking him out, he is put under the control of Lorelei by her simple touch. The two ride away on a motorcycle to a "grand" place that Lorelei can rule.

Coulson tries to calm an infuriated Sif after the mission's failure and damage of the device that would stop Lorelei. Coulson gives the collar to Fitz to attempt repairing it. Next, Coulson commissions Skye to track Ward. Simmons tries once more to convince Coulson to allow her to have S.H.I.E.L.D. research GH-325 in order to utilize it on a wider scale, but Coulson insists it must be important to hide now since two security guards gave their lives to protect it.

Ward and Lorelei pull into Las Vegas and enter Caesar's Palace. Lorelei tells Ward that she is more impressed with him than her previous minions because of his resourcefulness. He realizes that she does not truly care for him but he does not care. He confides that, before Lorelei, he felt something for a member of his team but his feelings are now towards Lorelei. The two then became intimate. Afterwards, Ward promises to take Sif out of the equation to protect Lorelei.

In her room, Sif polishes his sword and tells May about Lorelei's methods of using men. May warns her of Ward's ability. Sif confides in her that she was in a similar place at one point: the man she loves under her spell. Coulson interrupts to tell them that they tracked Ward to Vegas.

Sif breaks down the doors of the hotel room in which Lorelei and her lackey were, but find it empty. Returning to the bus, Fitz tells them that Ward and Lorelei cannot be found on any surveillance cameras, but that he was able to repair the silencing collar. He escorts her to her room where he locks her in along with the collar. She is unable to exit the room however because Fitz locked her inside the room with impenetrable vibranium walls. Ward and Lorelei in the cockpit lift off, much to the confusion of everyone. Simmons attempts to leave Skye's hospital room, but they are also locked in.

Fitz reveals himself to be under Lorelei's control also. Coulson goes down to free Simmons and Skye, as May confronts Lorelei. She is unmatched in her abilities with the Asgardian. From the cockpit, Ward opens the roof of Sif's room and she, with the collar in hand, are sucked out of the plane. Ward joins Lorelei, who wishes to retrieve Sif's sword. He promises to take out anyone in Lorelei's way, and asks May to leave before he takes measures to eliminate her. After a kiss between Lorelei and Ward, the Asgardian reveals that before her Ward was in love with someone besides May.

When Coulson unlocks the hospital room, Simmons almost knocks him out, but he stops her. Skye is worried that Sif was sucked from the airlock, but Coulson doubts it due to her extreme strength and orders her to open the hatch again and for Simmons to come help him. Lorelei enters Sif's room to obtain the warrior's blade, but is surprised by Sif's presence. Holding Thor's unrequited love love towards Sif over her head, Lorelei causes Sif to be infuriated. The two fight, both wielding half of Sif's sword.

Fitz is surprised to see Simmons free from the locked room and chases her downstairs, calling to Ward to warn him that the plan has been compromised. While Grant is distracted, May disarms him and takes him to the ground. As Fitz gets downstairs, Coulson knocks the scientist out. Using her fighting abilities, Sif is able to put the collar on Lorelei to quiet her. Ward holds a gun to May's head, but after pulling the trigger, reveals that the gun is empty and he is not under Lorelei's control any more.

Sif leaves the plane with Lorelei in custody. Coulson tells May that she needs to find some closure with Ward after this ordeal. She turns it around and says he ought to talk to Skye about what he saw at Guest House. May visits Ward in the cockpit, where he excessively apologizes. She says that if what Lorelei said was true, he is less honest with himself than he is with the sorceress. In the hospital room, Coulson asks if he can talk alone with Skye. Coulson is completely honest about seeing the blue alien at T.A.H.I.T.I. and the source of the medicine used on both of them. He vows to find the answers to all of the questions they have, despite protocol; the first person they go after is the person responsible for Skye's injury.

After a repeat of the previous scene, it is revealed that May was hearing their conversation from the cockpit. She dials on a phone to tell someone through an encrypted line that "He knows. Coulson knows."


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