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This man is on fire! Literal and figurative fire! But he still needs 200 million hearts in the next five hours or this beautiful child loses her game! That's why I'm onto phase two! You, my elite pop-up army, I need you out there popping up and getting clicks all over the Internet! I'm talking Tumblr, Instagram, Mashable! Be my Pied Pipers, and lead that beautiful traffic to BuzzzTube, because Wreck-It Ralph needs his hearts!

Yesss is a major character in Disney's 2018 animated feature film, Ralph Breaks the Internet. She is an algorithm that serves as the head of BuzzzTube, a video-sharing website.


As the head algorithm of BuzzzTube, Yesss controls all facets of the site; this ranges to everything from its content to its web design and to even its marketing. As her job is to capitalize on all things popular in the human world, Yesss is always up to date with the latest trends. As a fashionista, she has the ability to constantly shift the look of her hair and clothing to reflect whatever's in style on the web at the time.

Yesss' success is well established. Her office is decorated with numerous awards honoring BuzzzTube's accomplishments. By human standards, she is extremely well off, as her site generates countless hearts per day, which can be converted into real money.

Yesss works closely with her assistant Maybe, who helps her keep track of the latest trends. Maybe is far less picky with content selection, however, which mildly annoys the more selective Yesss. Yesss also commands an army of pop-up advertisers, who are tasked with traveling to different sites to promote BuzzzTube's most popular content.


Yesss' role (and therefore her mannerisms) are akin to that of a businesswoman. As the leader of a corporation, she is stern and commanding towards her subordinates. However, Yesss has a healthy work ethic that has proven to be effective.

When first introduced, Yesss comes off as rather cold, shallow and aloof. Her job keeps her busy around the clock, giving her very little time for social interaction. This can make her seem standoffish towards others. The overwhelming success of her site has also given Yesss something of an inflated ego. Underneath all of this, however, Yesss is wise and motherly. Though she was initially only interested in Wreck-It Ralph for his brief stardom, she eventually came to admire the bad-guy and even empathize with his selfless mission to save Sugar Rush. She is described as something of a mother or aunt figure to those close to her, affectionately referring to them as her "babies".

Yesss's intelligence is not limited to memes and pop culture. Throughout the film, she gives both subtle and straightforward advice to Ralph and Vanellope on such topics as self-esteem, perseverance, and friendship.

Role in the film

Yesss first appears talking to Maybe about what was trending, the former being in a dour mood on account of the lack of diverse content their site collects. The algorithms were then met by the appearance of the video game characters Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz looking for Yesss' help. Irritated and vexed at first, Yesss lectures them over her occupation and sees their predicament as trivial to hers. However, Maybe then shows the video of Ralph that Shank made, and he notes that it has 100 million views.

Now excited, Yesss warmly greets the duo and has Maybe make a drink for Ralph. Vanellope then tells Yesss that Shank had made the video, and Ralph introduces himself, and Yesss tells him he is trending. She also offers Ralph as many hearts as possible. The two then work together to create new videos. Before long, Ralph becomes a global sensation, attracting numerous net users and earning hearts.

To quicken the process, Yesss sends out her pop-up netizens to other websites to promote Ralph. Vanellope asks to be a pop-up, to which Yesss agrees. Ralph is reluctant to separate from Vanellope, but Yesss equips them with phones so they can video chat even while apart. Still protective, Ralph chooses a fan site for Vanellope to visit; he settles on location represented by a castle, which redirects Vanellope to Oh My Disney.

Meanwhile, Yesss and Ralph focus on uploading the final video. Unfortunately, the video is failing to go through, leaving Ralph without his final batch of hearts. Ralph goes downward to work on the problem and uncovers the comment section. At first, he is pleased by the positive reception that his videos have garnered. Unfortunately, he eventually comes across more negative and hateful comments, diminishing his self-esteem. Yesss arrives and realizes what Ralph has uncovered. She comforts the bad-guy by advising him to simply ignore the comments. Ralph (who now has a grimmer outlook on the Internet's culture) angrily declares that Vanellope's opinion is all that matters, referring to her cookie medal. Yesss is able to ease Ralph's tension by revealing that he's earned the last of his requirement, allowing him to purchase the Sugar Rush steering wheel. Elated, Ralph runs off with the Eboy to finalize his purchase.

Later, Ralph and Vanellope have a falling out, which leads to the creation of a destructive virus that takes the appearance of multiple Ralph clones. As the virus wreck the Internet, Ralph and Vanellope consult KnowsMore for answers. KnowsMore directs the two to an antivirus gate and advises them to lead the clones there in a similar fashion of the Pied Piper. Ralph and Vanellope contact Yesss for assistance, and she arrives at the Searchbar to pick up the duo on her limo. They fail to eradicate the virus as planned, for the Ralph clones chase after them in a wave-like fashion and Yesss' car gets thrown into the Pinterest building. Yesss beseeches for Ralph to help get her car back up when Vanellope alerts her allies, to their fear, that the Ralphs have formed into a massive Ralph. Ralph tries to hold it off while Yess escorts Vanellope to safety, but in the chaos, the giant Ralph crushes the stairway she and Vanellope are one. Yesss is then separated from Vanellope who is captured by the colossal copy. However, Ralph manages to reason with the virus by overcoming his own insecurities. This eliminates the threat, causing the clones to dissolve. Ralph (who was being held captive in the air by the virus) plummets towards the ground. He is rescued by the Disney Princesses and awakened by a kiss from Prince Naveen while in Snow White's dress, much to Yesss's amusement.

At the finale of the film, Ralph still has the phone Yesss has given to him, and Ralph video chats with Vanellope at Game Central Station before he goes to his game.


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  • Yesss's clothes are made of fiber optics.[2]
  • Yesss's coat illuminates when she's excited.
  • Yesss was head of story Josie Trinidad's favorite new character to work on in the film.[3]
  • Yesss wears five different outfits throughout the film.
  • Ralph and Vanellope have a conversation about her round the end of the film, which because of her name is similar to the famous Abbott and Costello routine "Who's on First"


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