"You, Me and Fifi" is the eighty-eighth episode of Mickey Mouse. It premiered on March 23, 2019.


Mickey seeks to win the love of Minnie's feisty little dog, Fifi.


The episode starts off with Mickey ready for another date with Minnie. Minnie tells him he is 3 hours early, but Mickey says he is just "obsessed" with her. As he comes inside Minnie's apartment room, the two happily start kissing each other, when Fifi pops up between them. Minnie tells Mickey that Fifi doesn't love anyone but her loving faithful owner, but Mickey tells her it's going to change, because he is a world favorite. Minnie then wishes him good luck, and goes off to change.

Mickey tells Fifi it's time to be friends. Fifi growls at him, but Mickey thinks it's just a smile. But as he tries to kiss Fifi, Fifi chomps his head. Mickey luckily gets his head out of her mouth, then asks Fifi why she doesn't love him. He shows her a picture of Minnie, but this makes her even more angry. She smashes him, grabs his shoe, violently throws him across the room, knocks over Minnie's pictures, and violently smashws him against the floor. Minnie comes downstairs to let Mickey know she's almost ready and finds it adorable to see a "happy" Fifi laying on top of a beaten and petrified Mickey. She says she'll be ready in a jiffy and runs back upstairs. A now angry Fifi starts chasing Mickey, which causes him to close the door to the kitchen. Mickey doesn't get why Fifi doesn't love him, but then he gets an idea. He calls Goofy, who is playing poker with Pluto and the other dogs, for some advice. Goofy then hands the phone to Pluto, who gives him an idea.

Mickey later comes back from the store with a few bones, chew toys, a hybrid SUV, and a pillow made from his grandma's wedding dress, but finds that Fifi has vanished. He feels a drip, which turns out to be Fifi hanging from the ceiling fan. She attacks Mickey, hits him with her chew toys, and throws them out of the window. Mickey tries to stand up for himself, telling her to get out of her naughty behavior. They both see the pillow, and they both begin fighting over it. It then gets ripped in half, and Fifi falls out of the window, and is now hanging on a flagpole. Mickey panics and jumps over the window to save her. She can't hold on any longer, as her teeth lose their grip and Fifi starts to fall. But Mickey grabs her left front paw, telling her he will never let her go.

Minnie is now ready for the date and goes downstairs to tell Mickey she is ready. But she finds it adorable to see Fifi licking her loving boyfriend. She embraces him and the two happily start kissing each other again, until Fifi pops between them again. Mickey tells her he knew he and Fifi would be friends. Minnie agrees. But Fifi growls at her, and her owner thinks it's a smile. But as Minnie tries to kiss Fifi, the violence starts all over again as Fifi starts knocking over her owner's property and the episode ends. Fifi continues this tirade as the credits roll.




  • This marks Fifi's first main role in any cartoon since 1947's Pluto's Blue Note, 72 years prior.
  • This was Tara Billinger's second time drawing Tramp for one of these shorts.
  • The Disney dogs playing poker is a reference to the Cassius Marcellus Coolidge paintings of the same name, which have been referenced/parodied multiple times in various media throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.


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