"Young Blood, Old Souls" is the nineteenth episode of the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. It premiered on August 29, 2020, and is the season one finale.


Luz’s skills as a witch are put to the test when she attempts the impossible.


After King reads about the history of the Boiling Isles from the point of possession of Emperor Belos and creation of the coven system, he and Luz prepare to rescue Eda, with Luz wearing the cloak that Eda had previously made for her. Meanwhile, in the Emperor's Castle, Lilith learns what Emperor Belos wanted from Eda, in her cursed form but temporarily with sapience, the portal door to the Human Realm, which he needs for the Day of Unity. Eda confronts him for leaving him far from Luz and not giving him the portal, causing her to be sent by Belos for petrification instead of healing her curse, much to Lilith's disappointment.

While Gus and Willow broke the news of Eda's petrification, Luz and King are sent to the Conformatorium, where there, Luz confronts employees to find out Eda's location, finally finding her and bringing her sapience with a Light Spell. Eda asks Luz to leave, saying she just wants to protect her, giving her the key to the portal door to keep it out of reach of Emperor Belos before petrification. After Eda being taken, Luz ignores Lilith's intentions to talk and confronts her, making them and King cross the portal to the Human Realm. Lilith finally reveals her real motivations behind Eda's curse.

Lilith and Eda used to be very close when they were younger, and that they both wanted to sign up for the Emperor's Coven to make the world a better place, even though Lilith was not so perfect in her skills compared to Eda. After growing up, Eda and Lilith sign up for the Emperor's Coven, which revealed to have only one spot that would be contested by both in a duel. Afraid of being beating by Eda, Lilith casts a curse obtained from the Night Market that would turn Eda into a monster for a day. However, on the day of the duel, Eda gives up fighting her sister, eventually turning into an owl monster booed by everyone, making Lilith the winner and newest member of the Emperor's Coven. After Luz understands Lilith's situation, she gets Eda's staff, and both and King return to the Demon Realm.

Meanwhile, Willow and Gus convince everyone to protest in defense of Eda's petrification that was in progress. While trying to escape, Luz, King and Lilith are surprised by Emperor Belos, who sends the last two to be petrified besides Eda. Luz starts a fight against Emperor Belos, who finally ends with her by throwing an Ice Glyph that hits the right side of Belos' mask. The Emperor treats Luz to give him the portal door to the Human Realm for particular goals between him and the Titan of the Isles, although, according to Belos, it did not include invading the Human Realm. With no decision to make, considering that Eda's petrification started at that moment, Luz hands Belos the portal door, but eventually burns it on the way out to the ceremony, much to Belos' wrath.

Luz was able to stop the petrification process, as well as free Eda, King and Lilith, who escape, while Emperor Belos later announces and confronts the inhabitants of Boiling Isles about Eda's curse going to strip away her powers. Returning to the Owl House, Lilith mourns for her sister and casts a spell that shares Eda's curse with her, which causes the weakening of their powers, although Luz comforts Eda about teaching her to learn how to do spells the same way she does. At the end of the day, Luz makes a video for her mother about finding a new way back home. Meanwhile, Emperor Belos, at the same time enlists someone to watch the Owl House, reconstructs the portal door with technological features, such as the Day of Unity is approaching.



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  • The production code is 120, meaning that one more episode was produced during the production of the first season of the show.
  • On the book the unauthorized Boiling Isles History by unknown author, the nineteenth code is revealed to be "blood".
  • Luz destroys the portal door, thus preventing her from returning to Earth.
  • After sharing the curse, Eda and Lilith now each have a discoloured eye and a white streak.
  • Lilith moves into The Owl House in the end.
  • Emperor Belos reveals he needs the portal to the Human Realm, but he says he does not plan invading it but something for "the Day of Unity".
  • Luz speaks Spanish for the fourth time in this episode, followed by "A Lying Witch and a Warden", "Hooty's Moving Hassle", and "Enchanting Grom Fright".
    • "Deja una luz puesta para mi, te quiero." translation "Leave on a light for me, I love you."
  • This is the third episode where Hooty did not appear, following "Covention" and "The First Day".
  • The theme song is not featured in this episode.
  • Starting with this episode, in the credits, Eda's appearance has changed to reflect her new appearance.
  • Pre-teen Eda's voice actress Natalie Palamides voiced Foolduke from "Star vs. the Forces of Evil".

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