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The Young Bucks are minor characters in the films Bambi and Bambi II.



The bucks are only seen once in the film. They are seen doing their annual run out in the meadow. Two of the bucks are seen using their antlers in a fight for one of the does out on the meadow (Faline's mother and Bambi's mother both already have mates). The bucks stop when the Great Prince of the Forest walks out on the meadow. The last time you see them is when Man is trying to hunt them after their run when they're eating.

Bambi II

The bucks are only seen using their antlers to fight and then when doing their annual run, joined by Bambi, Ronno and the Great Prince.


  • In the first film, the bucks had two-pointed antlers, whilst in the second film, they had three-pointed ones. This was presumably because of their appearance in the second film takes place a few months after their appearance in the first film.
  • In some Tanya Cookies Videos, the Young Bucks are the only characters in media, animation, and video to be featured in Tanya Cookies. They make a brief cameo apperance in Tokelauan Island Earthquake. They had been voted as their second place to vote in the Young Bucks episode.
  • There is also a tag team in Ring of Honor & New Japan Pro Wrestling called "The Young Bucks", which consists of Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson.


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