Yun Mibu is a male Clouded Leopard who appears in Season 3 of The Lion Guard.


Yun Mibu is kind, helpful, and very friendly, and always remains calm no matter the situation. Like all Clouded Leopards, Yun Mibu is a very good climber and is able to hang upside down due to his strong back legs and stability.

Role in the series

Yun Mibu makes his debut in "Friends to the End", As the Lion Guard travels through a forest nearing the end of their journey to the Tree of Life, they notice Yun Mibu hanging upside down in a tree and he introduces himself. Everyone is amazed at his hanging abilities except for Kion. He gets mad at the Guard for stopping and even growls at Yun Mibu,(which was all due to the venom in his scar affecting him), scaring him away.

Later, when Kion is in danger of falling off a very high cliff, Beshte recruits Yun Mibu to help him. He is hesitant at first seeing he has to save "the scary guy", but the Guard convinces Yun Mibu to help, insisting Kion is a nice guy, and that he wasn't himself earlier. Yun Mibu approaches Kion, who tries to apologies for earlier, though Yun Mibu settles for Kion promising not to growl at him anymore. When Kion wonders if the plan will work, Ono assures him that clouded leopards are excellent climbers, somthing Yun Mibu proves by hanging from a stump by his tail. When the tree branch starts to break, Kion is forced to jump to Yun Mibu's paws, allowing Anga to fly him to safety.

When Kion thanks Yun Mibu for his help and asks if there's anything he can do for him in return, Yun Mibu simply asks that Kion remember never to growl at a clouded leopard since they don't like it.


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