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"Yzmopolis" is a song sung by Yzma in the Emperor's New School episode of the same name. After Kuzco wishes he had never been emperor, Yzma becomes empress and turns the empire into an evil city.

It is featured in the Disney Magic show, Villains Tonight!, in Yzma's segment (making it the only villain song in the show to originate from a television series).


Welcome to my city,
Welcome to my land,
Welcome to the empire
That only I command.

Yzmopolis, my metropolis!
My favorite place to be,
Yzmopolis, my metropolis!
Where it's all for one and that one is me!
From Yzma Boulevard to Yzma Avenue,
All landmarks and roads and parks
Are named for me, not you!

You know, until I came along, this was just a one llama town, but now it's.
Yzmopolis, my metropolis!
The region that I rule,
Yzmopolis, my metropolis!
Now welcome to my school

Y-Z-M-A! Yzma, Yzma! Hooray!

Yzmopolis, my metropolis!
A wondrous place to be.

It's glorious,
We always laugh uproarious,
'Cause life is so euphorious,

And here is what you'll see:
Yzma movies starring me,
My name in lights on the Yzmarquee,
Yzma books and magazines,
Yzma shirts, Yzma jeans,
Yzma chocolate, Yzma mints,
Yzma shampoo and the rinse,
All the dogs are Yzmaltese,
And life is just an Yzma breeze,
Hear me chat on the radio on: 

Male singers:

Man on radio: 
Yzmopolis, my metropolis!
With news and sports, whatever,
Yzma traffic's all backed up,
And now a look at weather.

Yzma: I can't wait to show you my new project: Yzmatopia! There's a peasant village on the spot right now, but you can't stop progress. Yzmopolis is growing, and soon, soon, soon it will become...

Chorus: Yzmopolis Megaopolis!
Yzma: My purple legacy,
Chorus: Yzmopolis!
Yzma:  There's no stop-olis!
Royal Record Keeper: That's not a word!
Yzma: It is to me!

Some have tried to run and hide,
But they just can't get free!
'Cause when I'm dead, you'll bow your head,
To an Yzmummy of me!
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Chorus: Welcome to her city,
Welcome to her land
Yzma and chorus: Welcome to the empire
That only I command!


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