Zé Carioca is a long-running comic book series starring the José Carioca stories, first appearing in 1961. published by IDW Publishing. The comics was only published in Brazil by Editora Abril, so only has editions in Portuguese.

Early development

They were created a few stories in comic strip format, designed by artist Paul Murry. In this series, they were the first José Carioca supporting characters: Rosinha, her father Rocha Vaz, Nestor and his rival Luis Carlos, later to be replaced by Zé Galo.

The first story of Zé Carioca produced for a comic book was O Rei Do Carnaval (The Carnival King, in the original), the story was produced by Carl Buettner for the comic Walt Disney's Comics and Stories # 27 (published in 1942 and published in Brazil in Donald Duck # 8 (1951)), in it, the José tries to conquer a young samba inspired by Carmen Miranda.


The first story produced in Brazil with the José Carioca was called "A Volta De Zé Carioca" published in Donald Duck # 165 (1955), whose drawings are attributed to Luis Destuet, 1955 the first story produced by an Brazilian artist. Finally from the 1970s, Editora Abril was able to structure its own studio designed to produce stories to supply the growing number of Disney publications circulating in the country with great success.

Almanaque do Zé Carioca: In addition to the comics itself, José has an almanac. The first version had 21 editions, from May 1986 to February 1995. In December 2010, he won a second version, bimonthly.

In July 2018, Editora Abril stops publishing Disney comics, in March 2019, Culturama starts publishing Disney comics, in September 2020, will start publishing new stories of Zé Carioca in the comic book Aventuras Disney.

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