The Zalcrovian Overlord (ZO) is a character who appeared in the Quack Pack episode "The Late Donald Duck" and is the main antagonist in the episode "Return of the T-Squad".

Role in the series

The Late Donald Duck

ZO plans to take over the world with an alien invasion in mind but his plans are quickly and accidentally thwarted by Donald Duck after being accidentally launched into space. ZO is last seen getting stitched up and returning to his planet after observing Donald (all stitched up as well) having Daisy disbelieve his adventure story; including his encounter with ZO plus many other unexpected events.

Return of the T-Squad

ZO plans to get his revenge on Donald Duck after their last encounter. He kidnaps Donald, which encourages his nephews: Huey, Dewey, and Louie to return to their alternate hero forms known as the T-Squad. After ZO keeps the T-Squad occupied with disasters on Earth, he transports Donald to his planet where he is sentenced underground to be sacrificed to a giant man-eating noodle. When the T-Squad returns, ZO brings out a giant robot warrior for them to face. After the robot overpowers the T-Squad with their weakness: Broccoli, the young Ducks manage to take control of it from the inside. After the Ducks manage to save their uncle from being eaten by the noodle; using the robot, ZO runs away scared from the robot while vowing never "to meddle in Earth's business again."


ZO appears to tyrannical, ruthless, evil, and mean throughout the episodes.


ZO is an alien with yellow eyes, purple skin, and elephant-like face wearing a blue suit, hat, gloves, and black shoes.


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