Zach is a supporting character in the film Sky High.



Zach wears fluorescent colors like white, yellow, and green. His style of dress is very casual and in most cases clashing (such as wearing white socks with his sandals and a white visor on his head).


Illumination: Zach can glow in the dark. There are times where he will simply clap his hands and start glowing or will be begin to glow when in a dark environment.


Zach is exuberant and confident in himself. He is loyal to his friends and tends to talk big to the bullies, often earning him a spot crammed in a locker. When he is assigned to the Sidekick class, he tries to persuade Coach Boomer to change his mind, thinking that the gym setting was not right for showing off his ability.

At times, he tries to impress Magenta by acting tough and nonchalant like she is.


Zach is first seen with Will Stronghold on the bus to Sky High School, In the end, he is recognized as a hero for assisting the other heroes in stopping Royal Pain's devious plan of creating a generation of supervillains.



It is apparent that Zach has a crush on Magenta, as he is always trying to impress her with either his words or actions. He tends to say things that are more along the lines of what she would say and in turn, she'll surprise him with the opposite answer. Prime examples are when Zach is dismissing the homecoming dance as stupid and Magenta replies that she thinks she'll go. At times, Magenta seems annoyed with Zach's overexuberant personality but it seems that she enjoys his company. She seems amused by his gift of glowing, as she comments twice on it, one time during Hero Support class and the other as Zach lights up the air vent they are crawling in.

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