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Zed is a character from the Disney XD series, Tron: Uprising.


Physical appearance

Zed is a slender program. He sports a chili-bowl style haircut.


Zed seems to be easy to intimidate.

Role in the series

He works with Beck and Mara at Able's Garage in Argon City. He appears to have a slight crush on Mara. However, at a club, he meets Perl, who tricks him into taking her to the garage, where she steals Able's vintage light cycle. With Mara's help, he tracks Perl down to the docks where her gang, led by Gage, has taken the light cycle. After getting the baton back, Mara and Zed ride away on it, with the gang in pursuit. With some quick thinking, Zed drops a crate, causing the gang to flee.

In "Blackout", Zed had built a Lightcycle to enter a ride that was gone to take in the Tunnels, but later the Renegade took it. He then met Bartik, Hopper, and Paige, who inform that they are part of a task force to hunt down the Renegade and ask him to join. He was later present when General Tesler announced that the Renegade will be brought to Justice.

In "Identity", Bartik and Hopper task Zed into building a weapon that could stop the Renegade. Zed had build a device that can cause a Lightcycle to explode by sabotaging its Light beam. He later presented to Mara which she found can cause a lot of damage, she then noticed he built it for Bartik and Hopper to take the Renegade. Zed claims he doing the right thing as this can stop the Renegade even though the Renegade. Mara walk away disappointed that Zed is becoming Friends who wants to destroy the Renegade. Later, he presented to them, then Mara showed up as Zed secretly sabotage and walk away as he decided not to join the Task force.

In "The Reward", Zed, Beck, and Mara were giving the night off after Tesler offered every Program of Argon an reward to captured the Renegade.

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