Zeke Thompson is a character in the Disney Channel Original Movie Minutemen.

Role in the film

Zeke Thompson is a student at Summerton High; he is a mechanic and is considered by many of the other students to be scary and unapproachable. He can make anything in shop class and can make anyone shut up with just a stare or a threat to weld someone to the crosstown bus. He rides a motorcycle and has a rather advanced vocabulary. He was asked by Charlie and Virgil to help build the time machine because of his knowledge of machinery and engines, and became the tallest of the three Minutemen when they became "silent heroes to the uncool." When making jumps back in time, Zeke always takes a grappling hook with him, something seen as unnecessary by Virgil and Charlie. He is tall, dark, mysterious, and known for using snappy comeback lines. He also is known to wield the all powerful grappling hook. Often questioned for his choice of tool, Zeke uses the grapple to save them in tight situations

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