Zoey​ Howzer[3] is a character from the Disney Channel's The Proud Family.


Physical Appearance

Zoey is of Jewish descent and is one of the few Caucasian-passing people in the show's main cast. She is tall, skinny, and has red hair, braces, glasses, and freckles. She wears a light green blouse with a yellow-green skirt and matching shoes. Zoey's big glasses alternate between the colors gray and black.


Zoey has low self-esteem and always tries to show others that she's not all nerd. She has a scratchy voice (in earlier episodes, her voice was more deep and melancholy). Zoey really wants to dance well, but lacks confidence in her skills. When she's forced to compete in a dance battle, she does quite a good job and her team wins. She is emotionally intelligent and typically shows compassion for everyone but, she's also shown she can be sneaky too. She strongly believes in peace, love and happiness and has an affinity for animals. Though Zoey tries so hard to fit in, her friends already like her for who she is and try to encourage her to be more confident in herself, especially Penny and LaCienega.


She is Penny's nerdy, timid friend. She is very insecure about her looks and really wants to be accepted. Zoey is known for being a follower and Penny often has to talk sense into her. Likewise, she often corrects Penny whenever she acts out of character. She is well-liked by Penny's mom, Trudy. Despite her social awkwardness, Zoey is pretty well socialized. Her best friends are Penny, Dijonay and LaCienega who are three of the most popular girls at school, but she also associates with nerdy kids such as Myron and the Chang Triplets on her own time.

Zoey's Aunt Gloria is an attorney. She helped Penny battle in court to join the boy's football team when Coach Collins refused to let her on because she's a girl. Her mother is a limousine driver and has appeared in two episodes.


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  • Zoey is the shyest and tallest girl in her friend group.
  • Zoey's father is never seen on the show though she mentions her "parents" suggesting she has both her parents.
  • Zoey and LaCienega are exceptionally close despite LaCienega being popular and Zoey being geeky. They've spent quality time together away from Penny and Dijonay and seemed to have bonded over the fact that unlike the latter pair, they don't have any siblings. LaCienega does continue to show frustration with Zoey's awkwardness throughout the series. They are also the two most emotionally intelligent in the group. Maybe this has to do with LaCienega taking much pleasure in grooming Zoey's hair in "Makeover".
  • She looks and sounds much like Gretchen Grundler from Disney's Recess.


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