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The Zombies are minor antagonists in The Haunted Mansion. They are the undead inhabitants of the mausoleum in the graveyard near Gracey Manor.


It is unknown how these zombies came to be, but their goal was simply to rest in peace, as they hated being disturbed by anyone. They speak only in groans, which they probably didn't do when they were living.

Role in the film

Jim Evers descends into the mausoleum with his daughter, Megan in order to find a key in a dark crypt. Jim opens the crypt and finds the key held clutched in the hands of its occupant. But no sooner does he remove the key than the corpse rises up as a zombie. The undead creature shambles toward the intruders, only for Jim to knock its head off.

Suddenly, the rest of the zombies in the mausoleum awaken, intent on ridding themselves of the living beings inside their tomb. Jim and Megan race back up the stairway, but the door suddenly slams shut in their faces. Jim's son, Michael is now the only one who can save them, but large spiders (which Michael dreads) start crawling all over the door, trying to prevent anyone from opening it.

Realizing that rescuing his father and sister is far more important, Michael manages to unlock the door as the zombies are dangerously close to them. The three starts to close the door just as one of the zombies reaches its hand out. Putting their backs into it, they shut the door, unintentionally severing the zombie's arm.


  • The zombies and the mausoleum sequences in the film were based on and inspired by the living corpse trying to escape his coffin in the conservatory sequence of the original Haunted Mansion ride.
  • The zombie that came out of the floor was similar to the one that came out from under a manhole in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video.
  • They may also have been inspired by the skeletons in the Catacombs in Phantom Manor.


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