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Zombies (stylized as Z-O-M-B-I-E-S) is a 2018 Disney Channel Original Movie. The film premiered on Disney Channel on February 16, 2018. The film stars Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim. The first teaser was released during the premiere of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants 2.


Disney's "ZOMBIES" is a music- and dance-filled story set in the fictitious world of Seabrook, a cookie-cutter community brimming with perky conformity 50 years after a zombie apocalypse. Today, the zombies pose no threat, but are required to live in Zombietown, an isolated, rundown community infused with their unique creative spirit. When zombies are finally allowed to enroll in Seabrook High School, the charming, charismatic zombie Zed, who is determined to play football, meets freshman Addison who dreams of being a cheerleader – the ultimate form of status in Seabrook. Addison takes a lot of flak for befriending Zed and his zombie friends, but comes to learn that zombies and cheerleaders aren't so different after all. Zed and Addison work together to show Seabrook what they can achieve when they embrace their differences and celebrate what makes them a community.[1]


Fifty years ago in the planned community of Seabrook, an accident at the Seabrook Power Plant resulted in an explosion which caused half the population of Seabrook to turn into brain-eating zombies. Those that weren't affected constructed a wall to quarantine the zombies from the rest of Seabrook in a territory called Zombietown. The government later created bracelets for zombies, called Z-Bands, that deliver soothing electromagnetic pulses to keep zombies from craving brains. In the present day, zombie students from Zombietown transfer to the human high school, Seabrook High, where suburban life is filled with uniformity, traditions, and pep rallies. The zombies in the school are patrolled by Dale, whose daughter Addison, who has unusually white hair which she hides with a blonde wig because Seabrook has a rule against anything different, and nephew Bucky are on the school's cheerleading team.

Addison begins a relationship with a zombie student named Zed, who is an exceptional player on the school's football team due to his Z-Band being hacked by Eliza, one of his zombie friends. Addison and Zed's relationship is initially unknown to all of the students and staff except two of Zed's zombie friends, Eliza and Bonzo. Bucky, who leads the cheerleading team, is jealous of Zed's popularity and makes sure Addison isn't able to meet him. Addison is invited by Zed to attend the zombie party in Zombietown. She attends and has a private moment with Zed in the "zombie park". Just before the pair can kiss, however, the Zombie Patrol crashes the party and takes away Addison. At home, Dale and his wife, Missy, the mayor of Seabrook, find out that she has a new crush and advise her not to do any cheering until they know who it is, not knowing that the crush is a zombie. The next day, Zed shows up on Addison's doorstep looking human. He and Addison leave her house and go on a date, where he admits he's been messing with his Z-band. Addison tells him that it is the others that have to change, not them.

On the day of the homecoming game, Bucky finds out about Zed's Z-Band hack and has his followers Stacey, Tracey and Lacey steal Eliza's laptop to hack the Z-Bands. They succeed, resulting in Zed, Eliza, and Bonzo turning "full zombie" and being taken away by the Zombie Patrol.

Most of the cheerleaders, including Addison and Bree, show their sympathy for the zombies at the game. Addison tells the crowd it was Bucky and his followers that led Zed to transform into a full zombie. She then rips off her wig exposing her white hair, but is admonished by the crowd.

Bucky eliminates all of the zombie-supporting cheerleaders following the incident. When the cheerleader competition nears, Addison and Bree find Zed and Bonzo trying to stop Eliza from sabotaging the competition, and after Eliza talks with her friends, she realizes that doing so is not the right thing to do. Bucky's team is failing because they do not have enough members, so Zoey, Zed's little sister, tries to get in and help him. At first, Zoey is booed by the crowd, but with help from Addison and Zed, the zombies and cheerleaders come together to make a cheer routine during the Cheer competition. Zed and Addison tell each other they love each other.

Seabrook doesn't win the Cheer competition, but all have agreed to be together. The zombies and humans reunite with each other via a block party in Zombietown.


  • Milo Manheim as Zed Necrodopolis
  • Meg Donnelly as Addison Wells
  • Trevor Tordjman as Bucky
  • Kylee Russell as Eliza Zambi
  • Carla Jeffery as Bree
  • Kingston Foster as Zoey Necrodopolis
  • James Godfrey as Bonzo
  • Emilia McCarthy as Lacey
  • Jasmine Renee Thomas as Stacey
  • Mickeey Nguyen as Tracey
  • Paul Hopkins as Dale Wells
  • Marie Ward as Missy Wells
  • Tony Nappo as Zevon Necrodopolis
  • Jonathan Langdon as Coach
  • Naomi Snieckus as Principal Lee
  • Alex McCooeye as Mr. Zeck
  • Kara Wooten as Zombie Patrol Guard
  • Kim Roberts as Eliza's Mom
  • Russel Yuen as Cheer Announcer #1
  • Ramona Milano as Cheer Announcer #2
  • Rong Fu as Cheer Fan #1
  • David Petrie as Cheer Fan #2
  • Micheal Brown as Officer Gus
  • Jhaleil Swaby as Seabrook Lineman
  • Andrew Kyrzyk as Zed Dance Double
  • Melinda Smythe as Addison Dance Double
  • Hannah Louise Roberts as Addison Flyer/Tumbling Double


Song Writers Performers
My Year Jack Kugell, Hanna Jones and Matt Wong Meg Donnelly, Milo Manheim, Kylee Russell, Trevor Tordjman, James Godfrey
Fired Up Mitch Allan and Nikki Leonti Edgar Meg Donnelly, Trevor Tordjman, Mickeey Nguyen, Emilia McCarthy, Jasmine Renée Thomas, Carla Jeffery
Someday Dustin Burnett and Paula Winger Meg Donnelly, Milo Manheim
BAMM Ali Dee Theodore, Sergio Cabral, Julian Davis, Sarai Howard and Anthony Mirabella Meg Donnelly, Milo Manheim, Kylee Russell
Someday - Ballad Dustin Burnett and Paula Winger Meg Donnelly, Milo Manheim
Stand Matthew Tishler Meg Donnelly, Trevor Tordjman
Fired Up - Competition Mitch Allan and Nikki Leonti Edgar Meg Donnelly, Milo Manheim, Kylee Russell, Trevor Tordjman, Mickeey Nguyen, Emilia McCarthy, Jasmine Renée Thomas, Kingston Foster
BAMM - Zombie Block Party Ali Dee Theodore, Sergio Cabral, Julian Davis, Sarai Howard and Anthony Mirabella Meg Donnelly, Milo Manheim, Kylee Russell, Trevor Tordjman, Mickeey Nguyen, Emilia McCarthy, Jasmine Renée Thomas
Our Year Jack Kugell, Hanna Jones and Matt Wong Zombies Cast
Pep Rally Ali Dee Theodore Zombies Cast




During its premiere in the 8:00 PM time slot, Zombies attracted a total of 2.57 million viewers with a 0.46 rating for people aged 18–49. Over its premiere weekend the movie reached 10.3 million viewers over 8 airings.


  • While the residents of Seabrook considered Zombietown and its residents disturbing, Seabrook is just as equally disturbing. Ranging from the obsession with cheering, to the inability to accept anything outside the normal and the fact there's nothing but vanilla at ice cream shops.
  • It's very likely the reason Seabrook's football team never has any good players is because all the best athletic male students become cheerleaders instead.
    • The coach notes his team has been terrible non-stop, to the point he just recruits whoever tries out.
  • The coach clearly is very bad at his job, as he is unable to devise a proper game plan for his team.
  • The fact there's nothing but vanilla at the Seabrook ice cream shop is subtle joke at the metaphor use of vanilla, which refers to someone or something so bland that they are forgettable.
  • Zed and Eliza's tinkering with the Z-bands shows that a zombie can become more human if they turned up the soothing waves; this is what allowed Zed to pose as a human later in the film.
  • When Bucky sabotages the Z-bands, Eliza correctly points out how zombies are getting the blame when it was his fault they went berserk.
  • Why zombies were being allowed to attend human school (albeit in the fact they were being taught in the school basement) was never addressed. Both the principal and the mayor (Addison's mother) show absolute disdain for zombies, leaving it very confusing as to who set up the idea.
  • The film has the theme of fighting against racism.
  • This is the first Disney Channel Original Movie Musical to become a franchise where none of the main cast members have played a main character in a Disney Channel Original Series or a Disney Channel Animated Series prior to when the first movie was released. Raven-Symoné, one of the main cast members from The Cheetah Girls, played one of the main characters Raven Baxter in That's So Raven at the time. Ashley Tisdale, one of the main cast members from High School Musical, played one of main characters, Maddie Fitzpatrick in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody at the time. Alyson Stoner, one of the main cast members from Camp Rock, voiced one of the main characters, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro in Phineas and Ferb at the time. Ross Lynch, one of the main cast members in Teen Beach Movie, played Austin Moon in Austin & Allyat the time. Cameron Boyce, one of the main cast members from Descendants, played one of the main characters, Luke Ross in Jessie at the time. Dove Cameron, one of the main cast members from Descendants, played Liv and Maddie Rooney in Liv and Maddie at the time.


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