Zondag is a character from the PKNA comic book.

He is an Evronian general frequently assigned to attack Earth and is invariably defeated by the Duck Avenger.



A ruthless and volcanic character, Zondag manages to keep himself controlled and with the neccessary clarity to deal with any emergency in battle. When an enemy gives him difficulties, he obsesses with his extermination, like is the case with the Duck Avenger. He doesn't bear failure and often orders the destruction of those who fail.


Zondag goes to battle unarmed in all his appearances in PKNA. In issue #17 of the Superduck reboot, he uses a lightsaber instead. In the videogame PK: Out of the Shadows, Zondag has telekinetic powers to create energy bombs he throws to the Duck Avenger or create a barrier. He can also use his tail as a whip.

Role in the series

In the issue Ombre su Venere (Shadows on Venus), Zondag leads an Evronian patrol in orbit with Venus. Zondag helps in Zoster's project to exploit the negative emotions of Angus Fangus. After the Duck Avenger saves Angus, Xadhoom destroy Zondag's ship.

In PKNA #15 Motore/Azione (Set/Action) we find both Zondag and Zoster are alive and well, after having regressed to spore state to survive in space until they were rescued by the Evronian empire and artificially accelerated back into adulthood. In this story, the Evronians kidnap the cast of the soap opera "Anxieties" (which, according to the Evronians, channels the audience's emotions) in the republic of Providencia, Central America. When the Duck Avenger intervenes, Zondag attacks with a four-legged mech and reveals the Evronians are dealing with the local militia, but the Avenger is saved by revolutionaries. Zondag is captured and Uno creates a hologram of him to trick Zoster into letting them, driving the mech, into the base. Zondag frees himself and warns about the trick, but the Duck Avenger tackles him and makes him fall from the mech. Zondag doesn't apopear after this, so it's unknown if he died with the fall, or he later died when Zoster activated the self-destruction of the base, or if he somehow survived.

Video games

PK: Out of the Shadows

Zondag in the videogame.

Zondag is the final boss of the game.


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