Zorro and Son is an American television Western based on the legendary character Zorro that aired on CBS. Created by Walt Disney Pictures, the series stars Henry Darrow as Zorro (Don Diego) and Paul Regina as his son, Zorro, Jr. (Don Carlos).

It featured the same theme song by Norman Foster and George Bruns.


Set approximately twenty years after the first series, Zorro and Son is an updated, comical version of the original series.

The series premiered in April 1983, and was canceled after five episodes.


  • Henry Darrow as Don Diego de Vega (Zorro, Sr.)
  • Paul Regina as Don Carlos de Vega (Zorro, Jr.)
  • Richard Beauchamp as Sergeant Sepulveda
  • Bill Dana as Bernardo
  • Barney Martin as Brothers Napa and Sonoma
  • John Moschitta, Jr. as Cpl. Cassette
  • Catherine Parks as Senorita Anita
  • Gregory Sierra as Captain Paco Pico


# Title Air date Summary
1 Zorro and Son April 6, 1983 A monk is in trouble. He is going to be embarrassed in front of everyone, even possibly hurt. Zorro and his son must hurry to rescue the monk from harm's way. A new era begins with Zorro and his son now helping other people. They both want to end evil and bring more justice.
2 Beauty and the Mask April 13, 1983 Don Carlos falls in love with Angelica after he saves her. He uses his father's costume to do so, in which he vows to follow the Zorro promise. His father is informed by his son that he loves her, and that he wants her to know this. Meanwhile, Pico is up to no good trying to catch Zorro and put a stop to his good deeds.
3 A Fistful of Pesos April 20, 1983 Pico frames Zorro by dressing up as him and robbing stores, hoping to turn the people against him.
4 Wash Day May 4, 1983 While Bernardo is washing clothes, Zorro's outfit blows away into the reach of Paco Pico. Pico takes Bernardo into to jail to get him to admit that Don Diego is Zorro, but Bernardo declares that he himself is Zorro. Don Carlos & Diego must save Bernardo before he is hurt, but their outfits have shrunk. Sergeant Sepulveda helps them out, so they can help Bernardo.
5 The Butcher of Barcelona June 1, 1983 When Paco Pico is confronted by Captain Jorge Mendez and El Excellente, he becomes afraid that he might lose his spot in the office. He turns to Don Diego for support to help him keep his position. In the end, Diego tells Pico that he didn't want Captain Mendez in charge because he would be a greater ruler than Pico. Also, according to Mendez, he almost caught Diego.


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