Zzzax is a Marvel Comics character and supervillain. He is a being of pure living electricity.

Physical appearance

He is almost as tall as the Hulk. His electrical form looks humanoid.


The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Zzzax was one of the prisoners in the Cube. During the breakout, he attacked Leonard Samson, which got Bruce Banner mad enough to become Hulk.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Zzzax attacked Manhattan and fought the Hulk. Zzzax was helped when a unknowingly Spider-Man attacked Hulk under the impression that he was attacking the city. He was chased by Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, and Hulk into a subway station. He was thought to be defeated when he fought both Spider-Man and Hulk barricaded in the subway station, but, quickly remerged trying to destroy Manhattan. He was stopped by a battery in Mary Jane's camera.

Powers and Abilities

  • Living Electricity

Background in other media

  • This is Zzzax's third animated appearance after The Incredible Hulk and The Super Hero Squad Show.


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