採礦大師(The Underminer)是《超人特攻隊》中的角色,一個身材矮小而且外貌像鼴鼠的生物,在電影尾段中騎著一輛巨大的鑽孔車,並宣佈他將與「和平和幸福」宣戰,令巴氏一家換裝和戴上面罩,準備向採礦大師對決。在遊戲《超人特攻隊:採礦大師崛起》中繼續故事。戰鬥於2018年電影《超人特攻隊2》繼續。 另外在 (Boom!工作室)所繪漫畫超人特攻隊中也有登場。



Near the end of the film, he appears from a gigantic drill vehicle to show his existence, prompting the Parr family to spring into action and serving to demonstrate that they will go on to have many adventures and fight various enemies as a superhero team.


The Underminer appears in a flashback by 雷湯尼, in which he is saying his famous quote on his mic, in which Tony runs away and hides under a car from him. He is also booked as a Terrorist and Bank Robber, which were not present traits in Rise of The Underminer, released 13 years before. The Underminer uses a vacuum to suck up money from the bank in which 超能先生 tries to prevent him from doing so, after being sucked up into the machine. He breaks out, and tries to fight Underminer, as he sets off bombs to destroy buildings above. He tries to knock down The Town Hall, which 酷冰俠 barely prevents him from doing so. Afterwards, the Underminer is not seen and only mentioned a few times more.


In the comic series, The Underminer makes an appearance in the "Terror from Beneath" story arc, in which he briefly allies with Dash to fight off alien invaders. However, the appearance is revealed to be part of an extensive hypnosis-induced dream. He later makes an actual appearance as a member of the Unforgivables, the criminal alliance headed by Xerek. As part of a plan to ruin the reputation of the Incredibles, Underminer is given control of a giant robot painted in the Incredibles' colors and rampage through Metroville. Xerek later eliminates Underminer upon completing his purpose.


  • The Underminer (in keeping with the tradition of having most of the cast be based on Marvel characters), is likely based on the Mole Man who was the very first known villain of the Fantastic Four.
  • The Underminer was planned to appeared in Disney INFINITY but was scrapped and only was seen in concept art although he does not actually appear in the game. However, customizations for buildings based on The Underminer can be unlocked in The Incredibles Playset.
    • The Underminer was intended to appear in Disney INFINITY: 2.0 Edition according to concept art.
    • The Underminer has two robotic hands. They are very articulate and have two webbed like fingers and one thumb on each hand. Whether these are used as mining equipment (As the appearance of them resemble something used for excavating), as weapons, or as prosthetic replacements are currently unknown.
  • The Underminer is one of the few Disney or Pixar villains to succeed in his goal. He manages to rob a bank and escape with all of the money and is never caught afterward.
    • He is the second Incredibles villain (after 炸彈客) to not be captured by the hero and is able to get away with a crime (both instances involving bank robbery).


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