炸彈客(Bomb Voyage)是出現在《超人特攻隊》中的反派角色。他是超能先生的反復出現的敵人。正如他的介紹、語言(他稱超能先生為Monsieur Incroyable;法文的超能先生的意思。)、配備、他的名字中的雙關語和當他出現時播放音樂,推測他是一名法國人。該角色的名字成為法語「一路順風」(Bon Voyage)的雙關語。他最後一次出現在一座高大的建築物裡,當炸彈客從金庫偷東西時,遇到了超能先生。但由於巴迪·派恩的出現打斷了即將發生的對決,巴迪為了成為超能先生的跟班,他利用自己發明的飛靴飛去通知警察,卻被炸彈客在披風上安裝了一枚炸彈,迫使超能先生去拯救巴迪,炸彈客借機逃走。儘管超能先生後來告訴警方最終會趕上逮捕他。在事件發生期間,由此產生的爆炸摧毀了一段鐵軌,超能先生企圖拯救火車上乘客,但受傷的乘客後來起訴他,導致政府發起「超級英雄異地安置計劃」。

布萊德·博德最初提出了炸彈客的名字,他最初的想法是命名為Bomb Pérignon,參照相似名稱的香檳酒唐培里儂香檳王,但被酩悅香檳公司拒絕了。




Apart from his obviously evil and insane persona, Bomb Voyage is very sarcastic, mocking "Incrediboy" for trying to intervene on him.


布萊德·博德 originally pitched the idea of Bomb Voyage's name. His original idea was that Bomb Voyage would be named "Bomb Pérignon" in reference to the similarly named champagne, Dom Pérignon, but the Moët et Chandon company would not allow that kind of parody.


The Incredibles编辑

Bomb Voyage is a recurring enemy of 超能先生 as he is introduced. He is a mime-like criminal who speaks French, although it was hinted that he knew English as well.

When he is first introduced, Bomb Voyage crashes through a brick wall after stealing money. Just before 超能先生 could fight Bomb Voyage, a young Buddy (as "IncrediBoy", Mr. Incredible's so-called sidekick) arrived and tried to appeal to Mr. Incredible that he would be a worthy sidekick for Mr. Incredible (and that he invented new rocket boots, which make him get around so fast). Mr. Incredible then told Buddy, "Fly home, Buddy. I work alone." Bomb Voyage took advantage of the distraction to aid his escape. As Buddy flew off to get the police, Bomb Voyage put a bomb on Buddy's cape (unbeknownst to Buddy), forcing Mr. Incredible to release Bomb Voyage in order to save Buddy. Bomb Voyage was presumably aware of Mr. Incredible's persona in that in a tight situation, he would choose saving people over apprehending criminals.

Bomb Voyage successfully made a getaway, and it is presumed that he remained at large for the remainder of the film. He was also partially responsible for the Anti-Super Legislation Act being enacted, as the bomb he placed on Buddy Pine was later dislodged from his cape due to Mr. Incredible and managed to land and detonate on a railroad track, which forced Mr. Incredible to stand in the path of the train to prevent it from going through the newly made hole in the tracks, which resulted in the passengers suing Mr. Incredible, and acting as the jury in his lawsuit trial, that eventually led to it being passed.

It is unknown what became of him afterwards, and he is presumably at large.

The Incredibles (video game)编辑

In the video game version, Voyage is the main villain for the first three levels of the game and he speaks English. In the last level he is involved in, he recreates the scene in the movie, throwing a bomb in Buddy Pine's cape, forcing Mr. Incredible to save him. After this, he attempts to escape in a helicopter, and Mr. Incredible defeats him by throwing six bombs at him, causing it to fly out of control and presumably crash, killing Voyage.

The Incredibles: The Comic Book编辑

In the comic series, Bomb Voyage is recruited by Xerek to make the Eiffel Tower vanish with one of his bombs, and later meets Elastigirl and Mirage in person when they arrive to investigate, when he attempts to escape, Elastigirl follows him throughout Paris and eventually shakes Xerek's location out of him. Since it has been 15 years since his appearance in the movie, Bomb Voyage has aged significantly, with a potbelly and balding hair.



  • Bomb Voyage had a minor cameo as a street mime, during the 2nd act when Linguini and Colette are rollerskating by Notre Dame in 料理鼠王. His name also appears on a newspaper that Colette is reading.
  • Bomb Voyage's name is a pun on the French phrase, "Bon Voyage".
  • The Boom! Studios comic reveals Bomb Voyage was one of the few villains to elude the NSA completely around the time of the superhero ban, only to re-emerge in Paris years later and destroying the Eiffel Tower in the process. Working for Xerek, he destroys the rendezvous point that Mrs. Incredible and 幻影 were to meet their contact at. When Bomb Voyage tries to escape, Helen takes a jetpack in pursuit and Xerek reveals himself through Bomb Voyage's communicator, which threatens to explode and take both of them down.

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