艾芙琳(Evelyn Deavor)又譯伊芙琳·德沃爾皮克斯電影,《超人特攻隊2》中的角色。 她是哥哥戴文森的公司戴氏科技背後重要的推手,作為產品的主要設計者。 company, as well as his business partner. She shares her villain title with her puppet, who unwillingly plays the masked villain in her plan to keep Supers illegal forever.


Evelyn's parents were big supporters of the 異能者. So, when she and her brother inherited the company, they continued this support and decided to take it to the next level, kicking off a campaign to help the Supers' cause. Since the government shut down the program that helps supers, the time was right for the Deavors to step in.

Brilliant, but laid-back, Evelyn knows her way around tech. She has never met a problem she cannot solve.

電影中角色 编辑

When Helen is recruited to help the Deavor siblings bring back Supers, she and Evelyn become fast friends while exchanging ideas, creating strategies, and sharing a lot of laughs along the way. They form a sisterhood, and find they have a lot in common. They are both strong and smart. Evelyn does a cost-benefit analysis and finds that Helen tends to solve crimes with far less damage than Bob, which is why they choose Helen for the job.

Deep down, she hates supers and believes that the world and her family would be better off without them, which is why she secretly built hypnotic tech that would allow her to make sure that supers stay illegal, while falsely supporting her brother. Her hatred was triggered by the death of her parents as their support and faith in supers, in Evelyn's eyes, prevented them from defending themselves from the robbers that killed them while they were waiting for supers to save them.


  • Evelyn's character model was not created until another super named Shellac, was cut from the film, which is presumed that she would have used some kind of resin coating to encase criminals.[1]
  • Evelyn is the second female Pixar villain, preceded by Darla Sherman from Finding Nemo. She is also the second female hidden main antagonist.
  • Her name is a pun on "evil endeavor".
  • Screenslaver/Evelyn Deavor's gimmick of using hypnotic goggles to control people was previously employed in The Incredibles comic book series by the villain Mezmerella.



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