雷湯尼(Anthony "Tony" Rydinger)或譯作東尼超人特攻隊和它的續集超人特攻隊2中的角色。





Tony is a popular student of Western View Junior High on whom 巴小倩 has a crush. She tries to talk to him, but is too shy and disappears whenever he looks at her. This is seen in the beginning of the film when Rydinger is leaving with his posse and briefly catches a glimpse of her before she disappears.

At the end of the film, he finally notices Violet while attending 小飛's track meet in the epilogue to the film, and invites her to go to the movies. He does so with a stutter, and Violet shows she has overcome her shyness by finishing his sentence. Rydinger and Violet then settle on going on a date that Friday.


Tony returns in the sequel, with Michael Bird reprising his role. He also has a bigger, yet still minor, role here.

Just when it looks like they might have a future together, or at least a first date, Tony ends up getting caught in the Parrs battle against 採礦大師, which leads to him discovering Violet's true identity as a superhero. Violet tries to talk to him, but he runs away.

When he and Violet were supposed to have their date, he failed to show, leaving her heartbroken. Violet later confronts him at school, but he seemingly didn't know her. While initially believing Tony was only pretending he didn't know her, Violet later deduces that 超能先生 had 迪瑞克 erase his memories of her in order to protect her secret identity, effectively bringing their entire relationship back to square one.

Tony later serves Violet and her family at 'The Happy Platter' restaurant, where he works part-time. Her father hoped that this would allow them to start over. However, this instead caused the shocked Violet, who didn't know about any of this, to spray the water she was drinking out of her nose and embarrass herself in front of him. The rest of Violet's family then proceeded to introduce themselves to him.

After the Parrs successfully stopped 艾芙琳的 plan and superheroes were legalized again, Violet build up the courage to ask Tony on a date again, which he accepted. Unfortunately, while Violet's family were bringing them to the theater, they encountered two cars engaging in a shoot-out. In response, Tony gets pushed out the car by Violet and she pleads him to save her a seat before she and her family take off to stop the threat.


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